S 860
S 860

Digital electronic wheel balancer with adjustable LED display for truck and car wheels weighing up to max. 250 Kg.


  • Automatic measuring of wheel diameter and distance;
  • Automatic START and STOP;
  • Pedal brake;
  • Static and dynamic balancing;
  • 4 combination of ALU programs;
  • NWN system;
  • Special ALU-S program;
  • FES function;
  • OPTIMATCH function;
  • Self-diagnosis;
  • Self-calibration;
  • Automatic positioning of wheel weight;
  • OPF function;
  • Complete with cones and quick clamping ring nut;
  • Complete with air operated WHEEL LIFT;
  • Wheel guard available as optional (mandatory in EU countries);
Standard Features
Max. wheel weight 250 kg
Max. tire diameter 1300 mm
Rim diameter 10"-30" / 255-765 mm
Rim width 1.5"-20" / 40-510 mm
Power supply 230V - 1ph - 50/60 Hz
Cycle time 7s - 20s
Balancing speed with CAR wheels < 100 rpm
Balancing speed with TRUCK wheels < 70 rpm
Balancing precision with CAR wheels ± 1g
Balancing precision with TRUCK wheels ± 10g
Operating pressure 8-10 bar (116-145 PSI)
Net weight (without/with guard) 260 / 300 kg

Standard Accessories

Standard accessories
Standard accessories
Standard accessories
Standard accessories

Optional Accessories

Wheel guard for S860
Clamping adaptor for DAYTONA commercial vehicles.
Clamping adaptor for LCVs and MERCEDES vans
Adaptor for clamping truck wheels on the holes of the flange
FRU 345-C wheel clamping adaptor for wheels without central hole or
with special flanging
CGR 223 clamping cone with spacer, for wheels of LCVs and vans; central
hole diam. 190-223 mm.
RL protective sleeve for alloy rims.
J special cone for clamping wheels from outside; central hole diam. 102-
118 mm.
MT special cone for clamping wheels of German cars; central hole diam.
56,5-57-66,5-72,5 mm.
WD + DC spacer kit for clamping SUV or 4WD all terrain wheels, to prevent
the wheel from touching wheel-balancer baseframe.
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