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  • Safe Winter with 3PMSF


    Safe Winter with 3PMSF

    Along with "winter tyres", equipped with winter tread pattern and marked as M+S (Mud+Snow), there are also tyres carrying both M+S and 3PMSF ("Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake") markings on their sidewalls. 3PMSF...

  • Tyre Pressure App


    The right tyre pressure helps the environment … and your money

    In 2014, Bridgestone entered the European agricultural tyre market with the launch of its innovative VT-TRACTOR tyre, specifically designed to boost agricultural productivity and protect the soil. Japanese tyre manufacturer has achieved...

  • Winter Tyres vs Snow Chains


    Winter Tyres vs Snow Chains

    Winter inevitably means temperature drops and dangerous driving conditions; it’s that time of the year when we need to choose the best and safest solution for our vehicle. Assocatene (Association of Italian manufacturers of vehicles...

  • New Price List? Old Prices!


    New Price List? Old Prices!

    Giuliano Industrial is pleased to present the new price list, which will come into force on 01 January 2015. The new price list will have the same prices as the previous one and some new optional accessories for car tyre changers. Giuliano...

  • Christmas 2014


    2014 according to Giuliano

    As year 2014 is coming to an end, it's, as usual, time to wrap up. Giuliano this year has completely renewed its tyre changers range, joined the world of racing competitions, created a new website and increased its social media presence....

  • Giuliano's ... autumn


    Giuliano's ... autumn

    Active presence on the market is one of Giuliano objective since 1976. We stand close to tyre professionals, offering them wide range of high performance products and providing support on how to make the best use of our technologies....

  • Used Tyre Changer? Not profitable...


    Used Tyre Changer? Not profitable ...

    Global economy is going through its deepest crisis. During economic downturns financial decision making becomes even more difficult. This also applies to tyre professionals, who have to decide whether to buy a new tyre changer or a...

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