Inspection of mounting machine according to wdk-test guideline based on wdk-Mounting/Demounting Instructions UHP and Run Flat Tyres.

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Super Automatic Leverless Tyre Changer

Super automatic leverless tyre changer, with no use of the bead lifting lever, suitable for passenger car tyres with rims 12"-34" (max. wheel diam. 1200 mm./47", max. wheel width 406 mm./16"). Equipped with single arm/disk air operated bead breaker system and with patented ultra-quick wheel clamping system. Suggested for top professional tyre specialists, servicing run flat and UHP tyres with no tool/rim contact.


  • Single arm/disk air operated bead breaker system;
  • Reinforced Chassy and Tower;
  • Patented SMART LOCK ultra-quick wheel clamping system, through cone and shaft with Smart Lock nut;
  • Equipped with QX touchless mount/demount system, Giuliano Patent;
  • Double rotation speed by pedal, clockwise (motoinverter);
  • Tyre inflation by pedal (standard);
  • Operated by pedal and control console;
  • Equipped with Press Arm (standard);
  • Suitable for Tyre Lift (optional);
  • Suitable for Tubeless tyre bead seating system (optional).
(*) Version available upon request
Standard Features
Rim clamping range 12" - 34"
Max. tyre diameter 1200 mm (47")
Max. tyre width 406 mm (16")
Bead breaker force at 10 bar 12037 N
Operating pressure 8-10 bar (116-145 psi)
Power supply 220V - 1ph / 2 speed
Motor power 0,75 kW
Rotating speed 7-16 rpm
Pre-set tyre inflating pressure 3,5 bar (50 psi)
Net weight 375 Kg
Max overall dimensions 1185x1960x2120 mm

Standard Accessories

Standard accessories
QX is a leverless mount/demount device, suitable for conventional, UHP and Run Flat tyres.
Exclusive GIULIANO Patent, it works in the same exact way of your traditional tyre bar, but without operator's manual force. Activated by an air operated cylinder, and controlled by a simple switch, allows the finger tool to be inserted step by step into the wheel drop center, to ease demounting operations.
With the same procedure, it can control bead lifting operation, to avoid damaging tyre bead.
Tool head is protected by nylon-kevlar inserts, easily replaceable, to avoid damages on alloy wheels.
When combined with bead breaker disk or Help arm roller, it provides additional bead pressing power to mount top bead of most difficult low profiled and stiff sidewall tyres.
Its most innovative feature, though, is the chance to install it in a fast and easy way on all different types of conventional tyre changers, even as a retro-fit kit.
You can basically upgrade your conventional tyre changer to a leverless model, in just a few minutes !
Pedal operated inflating device.
Air filter with pressure regulator and CE manometer.

Optional Accessories

Wheel clamping adaptor for reverse mounted wheels and wheels with no center hole
Kit of 7 long conical pins for FPM456
Kit of 6 spheric pins for FPM456
Truck cone kit, allows clamping VANs and LCVs wheels with center
hole diameter from 120 to 190 mm.
Truck cone kit, allows clamping VANs and LCVs wheels with center
hole diameter from 140 to 220 mm.
Double face cone for light trucks, allows clamping VANs and LCVs wheels with center hole diameter from 75 to 145 mm.
Cone for steel rims with low thickness and center hole diameter from 75 to 120 mm
Kit of 3 G-clamps to help adding extra bead pressure points on top bead while assembling it.
Kit of 4 rubber protections for steel rims.
Kit of 4 rubber protections for aluminium rims.
Kit of 4 rubber protectors for aluminium rims with arched spokes.
Lube paste bucket, 5 kg.
Kit of 2 shims for ring nut.
Plastic tyre lever for soft tyres removing operations. To be used during tyre demounting in accordance with the
WDK procedure.
Kit of 10 ABS protections for cone.
Kit of 10 rubber protections for clamping chuck faceplate
Additional disk arm for tyre / wheel matching.
Longer bead pressing tool for Press Arm.
Air operated wheel positioner.
CE inflating gauge
Pneumatic wheel positioner.
Extra-CE inflating gauge.
Tubeless inflation external kit.
Kit of QX adaptors for connection to quick release kit (QCK).
Pressing cone for clamping RUN FLAT tires from outside.
Kit Run Flat UHP
Fixed roller plate, to ease bead breaking of heavy wheels.
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