S 109 Bike
S 109 Bike

Semiautomatic tyre-changer with sidewards moving arm

Semiautomatic tyre-changer with sidewards moving arm, suitable for motorcycle wheels having rim size from 6" to 24" (max. diameter 1000 mm./39" - max wheel width 240 mm./9,5"). Equipped with special turntable with 4 motorcycle adapted clamps.


  • Fixed vertical arm;
  • Sidewards moving horizontal arm;
  • Operating arm locking by handwheel;
  • Special turntable for motorcycle wheels, with adjustable position of the clamps, 23" outside clamping;
  • Air operated bead breaker;
  • Motor 230/400V-3ph-50Hz.
Standard Features
Rim clamping range 6" - 24"
Max. tyre diameter 1000 mm (39")
Max. tyre width 240 mm (9½")
Max. bead-breaker cylinder force 2500 kg
Operating pressure 10 bar (145 psi)
Power supply 230/400 V 3ph
Motor power 0,55 kW
Max. spindle torque 1200 Nm
Inflating pressure limiting device max. 3,5 bar (50 psi)
Net weight 158 kg
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