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Eco-supercar by 2020

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The 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show opens its doors from September 17th to 27th, but some information about the most hi-tech cars ever have already been leaked to the press. "Hi-tech" and "green Technologies" are the core theme of the Show...

Car Hacking: a possibility ??

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In previous articles we have described how, in the future, new cars will be more and more equipped with electronics to increase drivers' safety and comfort. If car industry approaches computer technology, should we be concerned about the same threats? At Def Con conference, in Las Vegas, Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek (two IT security experts) have shown in detail the techniques used to ”hack“ a Toyota Prius and a Ford Escape...

Your car ? Purchase it on line !!

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World Wide Web's growing popularity as a way of communication, together with the hard economic crisis, are currently pushing lots of Italians to use the web also as a way to purchase goods and products...