Have you checked your tire pressures?
Have you checked your tire pressures?

Bridgestone, one of the world's largest tire producers, has checked the pressures of Italian motorists' tires free of charge for the eighth year in a row. After some 28,000 checks, a disturbing picture emerged. 78% of vehicles travel on underinflated tires (the figure was 63% in 2011), and 25% have tires that are worn below the legal limit (20% in 2011). The main cause is the economic downturn. Drivers are replacing their tires less often, and since they are using their cars less, they are also checking their tires less frequently.

Inadequate tire maintenance reduces safety by causing the following:

  • Lower stability;
  • Slower steering response;
  • Increased braking distance, in addition to higher expenses, when tires are underinflated;
  • Lower speed capability;
  • Greater tread wear
  • Higher fuel consumption;
Ideally, every driver should check the tire pressures and tread wear on their vehicle once a month. The reason, says Jake Rønsholt, the General Manager for Corporate & Brand Communications at Bridgestone Europe, is that, “...we must always keep in mind that tires are the only point of contact between the vehicle and the road”.

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