2020 according to Giuliano
2020 according to Giuliano

The beginning of a new year is a perfect time to resume about company progress, evaluate the results achieved and set goals for the coming year. Maurizio Bonacini, Product manager of Giuliano Industrial and a key figure of the company, talks about latest results.

How was 2019? What are Giuliano Industrial's goals for 2020?

In 2019 we upgraded the assembly lines to improve our manufacturing process efficiency. We optimized the entire manufacturing process and storage of sub-assemblies, by installing new equipment for assembly lines as well as improving their ergonomics. These changes have allowed us to face the new market challenges both in terms of technology and production efficiency.
The introduction of Bigdata Analytics Software has allowed us to improve our supply-chain management, optimize production lots and ensure effective just-in-time production.
Our main goal in 2020 is to further enhance our production while maintaining superior Giuliano quality.

What about your new upcoming products?

Today, more than ever, technological developments play a basic role in design and development. Facing today’s competitive market with poor quality products is definitely not recommendable. Giuliano Industrial goes the extra mile: now we provide extended 24-month warranty on our products and professional after-sale service to confirm that quality, for us, is not just a way of saying!
Continuous investments in Research and Development allow us to produce professional high performance machines able to meet all needs of tyre professionals. This year we aim to reduce times within the production system (from design to the finished product), while making our new products suitable for serial production: in other words, set up Product Industrialization. The transition from the design phase to the serial production phase involves many aspects: technical, organizational, economic and human. Turning ideas into products means taking into account technical specifications as well as all the manufacturing processes, technologies and methods needed. It also requires the ability to predict the manufacturing feasibility of the product.

Every year we design and produce about ten new products (tyre changers, wheel balancers and other high performance products). To produce them efficiently you need Product Industrialization: evaluating of supply chains, setting up Make or Buy analytics, applying the same technologies to different products and reducing time to launch them on the market.

What about feedback from the market?

We are very proud of the kind of feedback we constantly receive from our customers, especially at the shows we attend or from visitors to our showroom.
There has been a great response to our Par Move Series machines, thanks to the patented innovative parallelogram system. This new technology required both an upgrade of our production system and hiring new qualified technical staff for assembly lines in 2019.
Furthermore, our new product manager, highly specialized in electronic equipment (balancing machines, wheel alignments, testing lines), will allow us to launch on the market new efficient and even more competitive products.

When will the new products be launched?

As is the tradition of the industry, in 2020, we will introduce our new products at Automechanika (Frankfurt). Special attention will be given to truck tyre changers and we will also showcase new high performance electronic products.
We work constantly and with great passion to improve our products, and when we are not satisfied with the results achieved, we redesign new equipment to improve the quality of work of our partners and our long standing clients. This is the key to reading our "Profession : Passion".