Giuliano Training center On-line

Business world is facing epochal changes much faster than expected. Connectivity, Remote Trainings and Live Streaming Product Demos are becoming more and more important, when not essential.

At Giuliano, we have decided to equip our 300sqm showroom with the most powerful interactive multimedia devices and technologies, in order to offer advanced online training classes to our distributors’ sales and technical staff, providing them a comprehensive information about all features of our products.

It is possible to join Live from all over the world, experiencing a real full immersion in the company's showroom; where each class is tailored to each customer and participants can interact in real time with Giuliano staff, for a new, engaging and efficient learning experience.

We are pleased to provide our customers with our expertise, skills, high quality digital content, high definition video shooting and easy-to-use platforms, so you’ll be only required to be connected with your laptop, Tablet or Smartphone.

Please feel free to contact us for any further information and learning more about Giuliano Training Center On Line.