Giuliano at EICMA 2021
Giuliano at EICMA 2021

GIULIANO AUTOMOTIVE, with its over 45 years experience in tire service equipment manufacturing, took part in the 78th edition of EICMA Milan, the World Motorcycle Exhibition, which is the most important event in Europe for motorcycle enthusiasts and professionals.
GIULIANO AUTOMOTIVE was a massive success of attendance and we’re happy and proud to be part of another historic event!
Two amazing companies came together at the event, GIULIANO AUTOMOTIVE and Marolotest – the biggest specialist in Europe for motorcycles and motorcycle services. We welcomed motorbike fans, attracted not only by the Giuliano BMW MOTORRAD range but also by its efficiency and durability performance, appreciated by the custom world and put to the test during the MotoGP 2021 Italian stage in Misano.
Official distributors and motorcycle dealers in Milan have been paying close attention to Giuliano motorcycle tire changers and have been able to personally confirm the outstanding quality and features of our models.
Robust and simple to use, Giuliano tire changers have once again defined the top for professionals in the field, having been approved and endorsed by the industry's leading experts.
Another step towards recovery with GIULIANO AUTOMOTIVE!