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Tyre Changer Crossage | No Contact and Super-Automatic

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Super automatic leverless tyre changer, with no use of the bead lifting lever, suitable for passenger car tyres with rims 12"-34" (max. wheel diam. 1200 mm./47", max. wheel width 406 mm...

Crossage Evo Plus tyre changer | Center Post Lever - NO Lever !

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Crossage EVO Plus is the third generation of Crossage tyre-changer, which along these years has been awarded 2 times the prestigious "Top 20 Tools" award (in 2011 and 2013). Improving a product considered as a benchmark in its market segment, has never been easy, but giuliano succeeded in giving a "plus" (and not just the new name) thanks to the introduction of the new patented and exclusive QX Plus, BP1 Plus and Center Driver Concept technologies ! QX Plus is the only system that combines the advantages of "leverless" device to those of a standard mount/demount tool...

Tyre Fitting Machine CrossageEVO | Leverless, Double Bead Breaker Arm

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EVOlution non revolution. CrossageEVO is the natural EVOlution of the Top 20 Tools 2011 winner tyre changer Crossage. A jury consisted of automotive industry experts, dealers and technicians recognize its incomparable usefulness and its innovating features and awarded the tyre changer with the Top 20 Tools 2013 prize...

G1 Sport tyre changer | For racing competition

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Automatic tyre changer for race tyres with rim from 13" to 19" (max. wheel diameter 640mm/25", max. wheel width 330mm./13"). G1 Sport tyre changer is the result of giuliano know-how, applied to race car tyres service, and it is uniquely dedicated to be used in most famous international motor sport events...

Tyre Changer JBoss | Super-automatic Air operated No contacts Leverles

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Super-automatic air operated no contact leverless tyre changer suitable for passenger car tyres with rims 12"-28" (max. wheel diam. 1200 mm./47", max. wheel width 406 mm./16")). Functions Double arm/disk air operated bead breaker system; Bead breaker disks are slightly but purposely misaligned with the rim center for a better and faster penetration and immediate bead loosening, Center Driven Concept (giuliano patent); Syncronized movement of Mount and Demount tools, through Twin Lasers System setting and adjustment; Double rotation speed by pedal and motoinverter; Patented SMART LOCK ultra-quick wheel clamping system, through cone and shaft with Smart Lock nut; XTool no contact leverless tyre demount device (giuliano Patent); Wheel positioning through motorized clamping chuck and laser pointers (Patent pending); Tyre inflation by pedal (standard); Operated by pedal and control console with joysticks; Equipped with BP1 Plus bead pressing arm (standard), complete with self-storage function (giuliano patent); Suitable for Wheel Lifter and tubeless tyre bead seating system (optional)...

Tyre Changer S 116 | Semi-Automatic

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Semi-automatic swing arm tyre changer for wheels with rim from 10" to 24" (max. wheel diameter 1100 mm./43", max. wheel width 330mm./13"). S116 tyre changer represents the giuliano entry-level solution, suggested for low-mid volume shops, garages and repair shops...

PAR-MOVE concept tyre changer S 119 | High performance Super-automatic

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PAR-MOVE concept high performance super-automatic tyre changer. For high volume tyre shops. Functions Robust fixed vertical tower with innovative parallelogram operating arm (PAR-MOVE Concept)...