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Wheel-balancer S 860 | For truck, cars digital electronic automatic

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Features Automatic measuring of wheel diameter and distance; Automatic START and STOP; Pedal brake; Static and dynamic balancing; 4 combination of ALU programs; NWN system; Special ALU-S program; FES function; OPTIMATCH function; Self-diagnosis; Self-calibration; Automatic positioning of wheel weight; OPF function; Complete with cones and quick clamping ring nut; Complete with air operated WHEEL LIFT; Wheel guard available as optional (mandatory in EU countries);

Accessory PRU 860

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Wheel guard for s860

S810-S860 Wheel Balancers

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After more than 35 years experience in the Tyre Service Industry, and successful partnerships with the most important OEMs in the field, GIULIANO INDUSTRIAL S.p.A. adds a further step to complete its product range and includes a whole new range of Wheel Balancers...