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News from Geneva Motor Show

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The 87th Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) took place in Geneva, Switzerland, from March 9th to 19th, 2017. "We are The Motor show", said Maurice Turrettini, GIMS President, and numbers seem to confirm that: 126 automotive world and European premieres, 22 for the accessories sector, 180 worldwide exhibitors, supercars with over 1000 hp, zero-emission vehicles, and 900 exhibited cars...

Tyres: the right pressure to save and be safe

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Tyres are the only point of contact between vehicle and road; therefore, they play a key role in vehicle safety. Incorrect tyre pressure can compromise cornering, braking and stability, preventing tyre from performing its function properly...

Safe Winter with 3PMSF

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Along with "winter tyres", equipped with winter tread pattern and marked as M+S (Mud+Snow), there are also tyres carrying both M+S and 3PMSF ("Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake") markings on their sidewalls...

Winter Tyres vs Snow Chains

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winter inevitably means temperature drops and dangerous driving conditions; it's that time of the year when we need to choose the best and safest solution for our vehicle. Assocatene (Association of Italian manufacturers of vehicles mobility chains) and TÜV Italy have carried out comparative tests between snow chains and winter tyres, showing which solution is the best in different weather conditions...

TPMS : User Guide

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TPMS, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System is an electronic system designed to monitor the air pressure inside the tyres. The European Commission has decided (with 661/2009 regulation) that all new vehicles intended for passenger transport approved since November 1, 2012, must be equipped with tyre pressure monitoring systems...

DriveGuard: Run-flat according to Bridgestone

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Bridgestone DriveGuard is the next generation of run-flat tyre technology, available from May 2014. The innovations introduced by the Japanese tyre manufacturer move from the new rubber compound to the heat dissipation system and to the reinforced sidewalls (capable of supporting vehicle weight)...

Tyre changer: an investment against economic crisis

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The prolonged recession in global economy leads to search for new forms of "investment", capable of maximizing revenue and minimizing risk. Leaving aside traditional economic/banking instruments and the evergreen "real estate" investment, a simple evaluation of data provided by international statistics agencies leads to a new topic consideration: the tire changer...

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