M+S tyres (winter tyres)

  • 19/09/2011

M+S tyres (or winter tyres) are a special type of pneumatic tyre suitable for use on snow-covered or muddy road surfaces. They can also be used on other low-grip surfaces.  Unlike “traditional” tyres, the rubber...

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Environmental Contribution for screpped tires

  • 13/09/2011

With the new Art. 228 of Law Act 152/2006, Italy has entered into the EU regulation about used tires recycling and dismantelling. Since June 9th, it is mandatory for tire manufacturers and importers/distributors to take care of...

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The first tyre-changer for truck mobile service in Thailand is labelled GIULIANO

  • 16/02/2011

From Correggio to Chon Buri (Bangkok). Giuliano Industrial becomes a witness of Italian creativity also in Far East. Research, exclusivity, experimentation, creativity and the courage to dare have lead to an absolute innovation...

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