S 554T
S 554T

Truck tire changer 14"-26", suitable for Tubeless Tires Only

Tire changer for truck and bus fleets, suitable for tubeless tires only with 14" - 26" rim (max. wheel diameter 1200 mm./47"; max. wheel width 780 mm./30"). Equipped with manual wheel clamping system by faceplate, cones and ring nut, and with bead pressing roller for mounting/removing tubeless tires.


  • Hydraulic movement of clamping chuck holding arm (up-down);
  • Hydraulic travel movement of operating arm carriage (left-right);
  • Operating arm manual tilting;
  • Wheel clamping by face plate, cones and ring nut;
  • Operating arm and clamping chuck arm facing each other;
  • All motions controlled by joysticks;
  • Safety switches and electric circuit breakers for both pump motor and chuck motor;
  • Suitable for installation of additional extra arm + roller, for faster bead loosening, mounting and demounting operation (optional)
Standard Features
Rim clamping range 14" - 26"
Max. tire diameter 1200 mm (47")
Max. tire width 780 mm (30")
Bead loosener force 18300 N
Operating pressure 130 bar (1885 psi)
Power supply 400V / 230V - 3ph
Other voltages and frequencies available upon request
Hydraulic pump motor power 0,75 kW (3 ph)
Clamping chuck motor power 1,1 kW (3 ph)
Net weight 380 kg
Max. tire assembly weight 1500 kg
Max overall dimensions 1330÷1570x1500x1160 mm

Standard Accessories

Standard accessories

Optional Accessories

Additional tool-holder, including tubeless roller
Double mounting / demounting tool with bead levers.
Clamp for alu-rims.
Bead clamp with extra slide, for skidder tire applications.
G-Clamp with wider bead-press angle, for agriculture tires.
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