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Giuliano has been active in the automotive equipment field since over 40 years as a manufacturer of tyre changers for car and truck wheels, lifting equipment for tyre dealers, and wheel balancers. Over the years, we have achieved a leading position on the international market.

A short history

Located in Correggio, the “native land” of tyre changers, Giuliano S.p.A. has been manufacturing equipment for auto workshops and tyre dealers since over 40 years.
Founded as a corporation in 1976 in Carpi (MO), Italy, by Giuliano Maselli and other shareholders, this business enterprise was converted into a limited-liability company in 1980.
In 1981, its headquarters was moved to Correggio (RE), Italy. In 1983, Fabrizio Bonacini joined the company to perform technical/manufacturing duties, and production began with this new corporate structure.
The first product was a tyre changer sold under the Silver brand, which gained a significant market share in only a short time. The key to its success was its superior quality, combined with a highly flexible production system that could quickly meet customers’ needs, as supported by prompt, efficient service.
Then, in 1993, the company acquired the brand of the defunct Maic company of Formigine (Mo), a manufacturer of hydraulic lifts. The production of lifting equipment involved a different approach to managing relationships with the supplier, since a greater manufacturing capacity and specialised techniques were required for building the structural framework of the product. Thus, the company decided to perform all the production steps for the lifting equipment internally, except for painting.
To apply its policy of ongoing improvement, which is required by its extremely competitive market, the company implemented internal procedures that optimise the work of its employees. In this regard, information technology is used to promote the sharing of information.
As a result, the company was granted ISO9002 quality certification in 1999, but continued to renew and revise its quality policy, and ultimately obtained ISO9001 certification in 2003.
At present, the company operates from two different locations with a total enclosed surface area of 12,000 m2.

... and Giuliano becomes a part of history

Space Shuttle

Richard Nixon announces the development of the Space Shuttle program. NASA decides to concentrate its finances on the development of a space shuttle, since it believes that the craft is essential for building a space station later on. The space agency requires that the shuttle take off vertically and land horizontally.


Giuliano !

Giuliano S.p.A is founded as a business enterprise in 1976 in Carpi (Modena), Italy, through the efforts of Giuliano Maselli and other shareholders.

In the USA, the first prototype of the Space Shuttle - the Enterprise - is built. Originally to be called the Constitution, NASA decides to change its name after a letter-writing campaign is launched by fans of the Star Trek television series. The craft is built for testing purposes and used by NASA only for ground and flight tests within the Earth’s atmosphere.



Philips and Sony invent the Compact Disc, an optical disc used in various situations to store information in digital form. The Alpine Symphony composed by Richard Strauss and directed by Herbert Von Karajan with the Berlin Philharmoniker would be the first CD recorded for commercial use. It is produced in 1982.


Silver 11

The first Giuliano tyre changer - the Silver 11 - is built. Thanks to its superior quality, combined with a highly flexible production system that can quickly meet customers’ needs, as supported by prompt, efficient service, Giuliano gains a significant market share in only a short time.


Fall of the Wall

The Berlin Wall falls. This symbol of the Iron Curtain divided the city of Berlin into two parts for 28 years. The fortification system built by the East German government consisted of two parallel walls made of reinforced concrete that were separated by a so-called “death strip” a score of metres wide.


via Guerrieri

The Giuliano factory is built in via Guerrieri. Currently the company headquarters, it contains managerial and commercial offices, and a portion of the company’s production facilities.


The EU is born

The European Union (EU) is founded by the Maastricht Treaty. This international organisation with a transnational and intergovernmental character includes 28 independent, democratic member states on the European continent.



Goodyear introduces on the market the first Run-flat tyre: EMT. The new tyres can travel down the road even if their pressure is not greater than atmospheric pressure, thanks to reinforced sidewalls that support the car.

Sony markets its first console in the PlayStation series. The name was to become a synonym for a gaming console.


Pax System

Michelin begins development of the PAX system project. Unlike previous “zero pressure” tyres, it requires a real “system” (inner ring, asymmetrical rim, a special tyre, and pressure sensors), and not merely a different type of tyre.


Giuliano 2

This Giuliano production facility is built in via Costituzione. The building houses technical and administrative offices, and some manufacturing operations.

Muhammad Alì stuns the world when he appears as the final torch bearer at the XXVI Olympics, where the gold medal he won in Rome in 1960 is returned to him. He had thrown it into a river to protest against racial discrimination.



Bridgestone develops the BSR (Bridgestone Support Ring) tyre consisting of a standard rim, a standard carcass, a solid metal ring fastened on the inside of the rim but covered with rubber, and a pressure sensor connected to a small on-board computer in the passenger compartment to monitor the pressure of the tyre.


The Boss !

The first tyre changer in the BOSS series is introduced. This new-generation, super-automatic work station can perform a tyre mounting/removing operation on any type of car and light commercial vehicle wheels with rims. Total employment at Giuliano reaches 100.


The iPhone

During the opening meeting at MacWorld, Steve Jobs introduces the first iPhone a quad-band EDGE cell phone equipped with a touch screen and a virtual keyboard. In the first 9 months, 1 million of the devices would be sold.



Giuliano patents the QX leverless tyre fitting system. It is the result of the company’s ongoing investments in advanced research. QX eliminates the bead lifting lever, which is replaced by a lever powered by a pneumatic cylinder. The system saves significant time, work and effort by the operator. QX can be used instead of the classic mounting/removal tool on traditional machines, or is available directly as standard equipment on the innovative Crossage model.



The Giuliano Group is created. It consists of three distinct corporate entities that each specialise in a different segment of the “tools for vehicle and wheel repair” market: Giuliano Industrial (tyre service products such as tyre changers, balancers, alignment systems), TAG (lifting products) and Dedra (testing lines)


Top 20 Tools

Auto Repair & Maintenance, the prestigious magazine for the automotive sector, bestows its Twenty Top Tools award on Giuliano Crossage. After trying out the tyre changer in the field, a jury consisting of experts, dealers, instructors and users preferred it over solutions offered by other manufacturers. The award is given to the tools that stand out for their exclusiveness, usefulness and innovation.


Enjoy the Challenge !

Giuliano drives on World’s most prestigious race tracks with G1 Sport tyre changer, for racing competition and motorsport vehicles.
G1 Sport, uniquely designed for race tyre applications, can fit and strip up to 2000 tyres in a single race weekend !!
Robust, solid, fast and reliable as the vehicles to which it is dedicated.