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Slide background Working is what give the chance to live our life, to gain what we need for our life. Working is basic for our life.
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Slide background Since 40 years we've been designing and producing our machines with passion
Slide background We dream to be able to convey our passion inside what we produce
Slide background So that those who are using our products can feel, as we do, they're working with excellence
Slide background Since 40 years we've been putting our passion at your service. To give you the best, in every moment of your business
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Giuliano has been active in the automotive equipment field since over 40 years as a manufacturer of tire service equipment products: tire changers for car, motorcycle, truck and heavy duty wheels, lifting equipment for tire service and wheel balancers.

A brief background history

Based in Correggio, the “homeland” of tire changers, Giuliano S.p.A. has been manufacturing equipment for car service shops and tire dealers for over 40 years. Founded as a corporation in 1976 in Carpi (MO), Italy, by Giuliano Maselli and other shareholders, this business enterprise was converted into a limited-liability company in 1980.

In 1981, its headquarters were moved to Correggio (RE), Italy, where Giuliano Company is still located today.

Our first product was a tire changer sold under the Silver brand, which gained a significant market share in just short time. The key to its success was its superior quality, combined with a highly flexible production system, capable of quickly meeting customers’ needs and providing prompt, efficient service.

In the '90s the company significantly expanded its range of products by adding lifting equipment and setting up its own partially internal production, while obtaining the ISO9001 quality certification in the early 2000s.

In 2014 the first generation of The Boss tire changer was released, and thanks to constant improvement and development, nowadays it has become a product of great interest to tire service shops dealing with luxury car tires. This superautomatic tire changer is equipped with innovative automatic finger-tool, to remove tire bead without using the traditional bead lifting lever and without any risk of damaging the rim because there is no contact between finger tool and rim (real no contact and leverless tire-changer).

In 2008 Giuliano patented QX leverless mount/demount system, the first universal device available on the market, designed to upgrade every traditional tire changer (including competitors' models) to a Leverless configuration, with a reduced and convenient investment. This concept, together with our success with QX, has allowed GIULIANO to bring forward an even newer idea: QX "Plus" Lever-No Lever System, which can work in an extremely professional way, either with or without a bead lifting lever.

From 2010 onwards, after consolidating its position on the foreign markets, the company has set the goal of also becoming an undisputed protagonist on emerging markets.
Our will to be a successful player in this new context led us to set up a branch in China, in order to be present on the territory and be able to directly monitor and satisfy the specific needs of this market. China, the largest automobile market in the world, was therefore the ideal birthplace of Giuliano Automotive Equipment Suzhou: a company able to provide tire professionals with state-of-the-art tire service equipment and excellent technical support & customer service even in that emerging market segment.

In 2004 Giuliano drove on the world's most prestigious race tracks with G1 Sport tire changer. Designed for race tyre applications, it can fit and strip up to 2000 tires in a single race weekend!

In 2015, Giuliano officially presented their XBOSS, top-of-the-range leverless and real no contact tire changer. Advanced ergonomics, performance upgrade and new design (all covered by international patents) are the distinguishing features of XBoss tire changer, which make it stand out from the competitors’ products.

In 2017 the exclusive PAR-MOVE Concept Series was introduces, featuring reinforced chassis and new robust fixed vertical tower with innovative parallelogram operating arm to grant much higher rigidity than in any conventional tilt back model. The new design makes the new machines extremely robust and stiff, granting increased rigidity and eliminating all flexes, further then maintaining the memory of the working position.

As a future-oriented company, Giuliano Industrial has always been convinced that continuous investment in innovation is essential to constant growth. To this end, Giuliano Industrial has been devoting significant resources to advanced research into new technologies and design, so as to be able to improve both safety and quality of work for professional tire service shops.