• 12/02/2024

DIGITALIZATION AND DIGITAL INTEGRATION OF THE PROCESSES RELATED TO GIULIANO INDUSTRIAL S.p.A. VALUE CHAIN We are proud to inform our friends, followers and partners that we have completed an extensive internal digitalisation...

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Mobile tyre service: S562 Mobile tyre changer for trucks and buses

  • 06/11/2023

When it’s about MOBILE TYRE SERVICE for trucks and agriculture vehicles, go safe and choose GIULIANO S562, the best choice for the best professionals !! In 2009 Giuliano officially launched the first version of the S561 truck...

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Giuliano Automotive at Auto Salon Week 2023

  • 03/10/2023

Giuliano Automotive and its esteemed distributor JOOYOUN (South Korea) proudly showcased the most popular Giuliano branded products at the prestigious Auto Salon Week 2023 exhibition in Korea. This event, dedicated to the world of...

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Choosing the right balancing equipment. What’s the Difference between 2D and 3D Wheel Balancers?

  • 22/09/2023

If you're considering purchasing a wheel balancer for the first time or need to upgrade your current one, you might have come across the terms "2D" and "3D" and wondered what they mean. In this article, we will...

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Wheel Balancers: Achieving Optimal Balance for Smooth Rides

  • 12/06/2023

At Giuliano Automotive, we understand the importance of achieving perfect wheel balance for a smooth and comfortable driving experience. Our range of advanced wheel balancers is designed to meet the needs of tyre service professionals....

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5 Year Warranty: covered and safe with Giuliano

  • 26/05/2023

Robust, powerful, reliable and long-lasting tire changing machines - this is GIULIANO's offer! Our experience in the field and superior quality of our products will now allow us to extend our WARRANTY PERIOD to 5 YEARS on such most...

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Right to Repair. Sustainability. Responsible industry.

  • 14/04/2023

The Right to Repair is a crucial issue for those who work in the tyre changing and garage equipment industry, and it refers to the right of individuals and businesses to access information, tools, and replacement parts necessary to...

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