GIULIANO MOBILE TYRE SERVICE: with us in the future of tyre service

Mobile tyre service is taking a leading role in the whole picture of the vehicle service market.
Since at least one decade, GIULIANO AUTOMOTIVE has been focusing on this type of service, and with time we have developed a complete range of products to support tyre specialists during their tyre-changing job “at customer’s site”.
GIULIANO models are designed to gain the best performance in tyre service, both on commercial vehicles and passenger cars, with autonomus power connection or connection to the customer’s plant, on installations even on the lightest and most compact commercial vehicles.
Partnerships with the most prestigious brands in tyre service who have invested in developing this mobile service market segment, have granted us a chance to develop the best and most efficient solutions for tyre fitters working “at customer’s place” being it a factory space, a parking lot, a rest area or even the side of the road !!
Mobile tyre service is going to take a prominent position in the future of vehicle maintenance.
GIULIANO AUTOMOTIVE is proud to be among the pioneers in developing equipment for this market segment.
Always looking at the future, with passion!!
GIULIANO, Profession: Passion, since 1976 !!