Supercar in Parma
BRAiVE the new Supercar

For the first time ever a car without driver faces the pitfalls of an urban circuit. It will not be the sci-fi car Supercar, KITT, but BRAiVE drove between traffic lights, zebra crossings, speed bumps, parking and rounds on a mixed route in Parma. The project started in 2008 and developed by the University of Parma VisLab, directed by Professor Alberto Broggi, is the least invasive in terms of appendixes to the car, among those proposed in the text Proud Car 2013 (Public ROad Urban Driverless-Car Test 2013). Thanks to laser scanners and cameras located on the front and side of vehicle, the car can detected "obstacles" (cars, pedestrians ...), read road signs and rebuilt the ground profile. Those informations are processed by a stereoscopic system which handles the steering and the car speed.
The future described in the sci-fi movies is approaching, and it requires that all companies in the automotive field will be ready and receptive to the changes. Would you entrust such a jewel to equipment which are not at the "state of the art" ? To address this and the next challenges that the technology of the car and the tire will offer the answer is only one: Giuliano Industrial.