Hands on the Wheel & Eyes on the Road thanks to infotainment.
Increased safety with Infotainment

Infotainment is a British neologistim, to identify an in-vehicle technology combining "information" and "entertainment". Can this in-vehicle technology help improve driver safety?
The numerous capabilities of in-vehicle infotainment systems may seem distracting and dangerous for drivers, but if used properly, they will help improve car safety. How is it possible? With automotive infotainment system you can use the windscreen (head-up display) as a screen to display contents. Currently there are only prototypes based on this technology (Garmin has shown K2 infotainment system prototype at CES 2014, expecting to have it finally released in 2017). The system can be operated through steering wheel controls and eye tracking. What is the result? Hands on the Wheel & Eyes on the Road!