1976 - 2014: Giuliano, a history born long ago
1976 - 2014: Giuliano, a history born long ago

1976 - 2014: This year Giuliano is celebrating the 38th anniversary of its establishment. In an increasingly competitive, crowded and globally inter-dependent market, the professionals in this sector are demanding specialisation from product lines, targeted skills and continuously evolving know-how.
These are precisely the motivations which led to the establishment of the Giuliano Group, which is able to flexibly adapt to all demands for innovation and ensure the highest levels of production quality.
The group's unity, sharing of objectives and flexible organisation are clear from the results achieved until now, through the continued loyalty of the customers which continue to reward the company with their solid and long-standing relations.

29 April will be a day packed full of events which, like the founding of Giuliano, have made history.

2001 A group of international researchers, led by Paolo de Bernardis and Andrew Lange of the California Institute of Technology, present their discovery of the "sound" of the Big Bang.
1997 Astronaut Jerry Linenger and cosmonaut Vasily Tsibliyev take the first Russian-American space walk outside the Mir space station.
1990 The Shuttle Discovery returns to earth after sending the Hubble space telescope into orbit.
1976 Giuliano S.p.A is founded in Carpi (Modena) by Giuliano Maselli and other partners.
1967 By refusing to be conscripted to the army, boxer Muhammad Ali (alias Cassius Clay) is stripped of his world title.
1961 Luciano Pavarotti makes his debut in Reggio Emilia in "La Boheme" at the age of 25.
1957 The actor Daniel Day Lewis is born in London (Academy Award winner for My Left Foot and There Will Be Blood).
1955 Giovanni Gronchi is elected President of the Italian Republic.
1945 The German army surrenders to the Anglo-American forces unconditionally at the Palace of Caserta.
1913 Swedish engineer Gideon Sundback patents the zip.
1879 In Cleveland, Ohio arc lamps are used for the first time.
1813 Rubber is patented.
1784 Mozart's Sonata no. 32 in Bb K454 is performed for the first time in Vienna.
1624 Armand-Jean du Plessis (also known as Cardinal Richelieu) becomes prime minister under Louis XIII.
1429 Hundred Years' War: Joan of Arc frees Orléans from the English siege.