Used Tyre Changer? Not profitable...
Used Tyre Changer? Not profitable ...

Global economy is going through its deepest crisis. During economic downturns financial decision making becomes even more difficult. This also applies to tyre professionals, who have to decide whether to buy a new tyre changer or a used one, focusing, at least initially, on saving money.

Second-hand goods can benefit the purchaser as the price paid is lower than that of same items bought new, but the economic profit finishes here.
Technological improvements and research activities performed by automotive equipment manufacturers, as Giuliano, allow placing on the market more and more efficient, save and reliable tyre changers, able to ensure the safety of operator and protect both tyre and rim against damage.
Moreover, technological obsolescence makes today's entry-level products comparable to those, which just a few years ago were top-of-the-range products.
Tyre-changer is a product subject to obsolescence. Mechanical elements, such as bead breaker cylinders piston and turntables, are subject to constant stress during their operation. Investing in a used product may lead to unjustified and unnecessary maintenance costs in short term.

During uncertain economic times, making wise decisions becomes even more important. Purchasing a used tyre changer that has a lower price than the same item bought new, can be really bad investment. Used tyre changer can be less efficient and subject to much higher maintenance costs.