Spiderfrog, tyre changers comparing device
Spiderfrog, tyre changers comparing device

Spiderfrog® is an innovative measuring device, certified in Germany by Staatliche Materialprüfungsanstalt (MPA), Darmstadt, company credited by DaKKs. Spiderfrog® has been especially designed by Giuliano Industrial S.p.A. in order to check and measure bending and torsion of tyre changers' main parts under stress, which typically occurs during tyre mounting/demounting operations.
After 3 months of testing, MPA has confirmed the reliability of measurements carried out by Spiderfrog®, thus certifying it as a really effective and useful device.

How does it work?
Stress is determined on tyre changers by a combination of forces, which are normally activated during tyre rotation, when tyre changer's operating arm is engaged in mounting and/or demounting the tyre bead on/off the rim.
Through Spiderfrog® device, Giuliano Industrial has found an interesting way to measure these forces, combine them in a calculated “Combination Force”, and find a “Resistance Under Stress Coefficient” (RUSC), which gives some idea of how robust/strong a tyre changer can be, in terms of strength and power against all different kinds of stress involved in mounting/demounting tyres.
Spiderfrog® is clamped on a traditional turntable, simulating the size of a 16” rim, and its structure includes electronic measuring systems connected to air operated cylinders, to simulate the main forces (and related stresses) involved in tyre mounting/demounting operations. Every electronic gauge measures the movement, which is given by each single force applied to the tyre changer. Air cylinders have been sized in a proper way to simulate the highest possible power applied on each part of the tyre changer, during mounting/demounting operations.
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Why use Spiderfrog® ?
Flexes during tyre mounting/demounting operations are necessary to protect the tyre (the most delicate and important element of the tyre assembly) against permanent damages, which may even compromise vehicle safety. Excessive flexes, though, may generate further issues, which in turn are likely to create problems not only to the tyre but even to the wheel. Therefore, Giuliano decided to conceive and develop Spiderfrog® with the aim of offering its customers high performance equipment complying with specific preset flexure requirements.

At design/development stage of each new model, Spiderfrog® allows to verify. Much more than any other virtual simulator, if the machine structure corresponds to the initial project requirements.

At production stage, Spiderfrog® can be profitably used in assembly lines by Quality Control Department to test and reject any machines, which do not strictly comply with the required tolerance values.

When purchasing a tyre changer, Spiderfrog® can also be used to compare two different tyre changers by mounting it either on Giuliano’s or competitor’s tyre changer, so as to enable customer to evaluate product quality and to find the strongest tyre changer.