Bridgestone DriveGuard: run-flat for everyone
Bridgestone DriveGuard: run-flat for everyone

Bridgestone, the world’s number one rubber and tyre manufacturer, announces the launch of Bridgestone DriveGuard in Europe. Bridgestone’s new product, designed to be fitted on to all passenger vehicles regardless of manufacturer or model, becomes available in Europe from April 2016.

Produced in Poznan (Poland), the new DriveGuard is equipped with reinforced sidewalls, which help the tyre hold its shape and support the weight of the vehicle, while the Cooling Fin technology helps resist friction and redistribute heat, even with low or no pressure. In contrast to former run-flat tyres (requiring a specific vehicle design: rims, suspension etc) DriveGuard tyres are designed for any passenger car with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).

How Does It Work? Thanks to reinforced sidewalls able to support the weight of the vehicle, DriveGuard tyres allows you to maintain control after a puncture and safely continue driving for 80km at up to 80km/h until it’s safe to either repair or replace your tyre. When a DriveGuard tyre experiences air loss, the TPMS icon on the cockpit lights up and the driver knows how long it is possible to drive the vehicle, after the puncture.

Performance? Bridgestone DriveGuard tyres are classified Wet Grip A in EU labelling, and C for rolling resistance. Tyre weight is reduced by 5% compared to a traditional tyre and 23% compared to a run flat.

Driveguard tyres are recyclable and designed to reduce fuel consumption, thanks to their reduced weight, as well as to save on spare tyres.