Hat Trick ! Giuliano wins "Twenty Top Tools" Award for the third time
Hat Trick ! Giuliano wins "Twenty Top Tools" Award for the third time

Giuliano Industrial is celebrating once again, after winning its third "Twenty Top Tools" Award, international accolade for exclusiveness, utility and innovation. On March 2nd, during AMR Show in Beijing, Auto Repair & Maintenance, prestigious magazine of the automotive market, has entitled Giuliano XBoss tyre changer as Twenty Top Tools 2015 prize winner.
After testing several tyre changers on the field, a jury of experts, dealers, trainers and end-users has preferred our model among the different options offered by other manufacturers. Innovative XBoss tyre changer has been also included among Auto Repair & Maintenance' list of the best and recommended products.

The award, already won in 2011 (by Crossage tyre changer) and in 2013 (by Crossage EVO tyre changer), testifies our reputation and proves that "Innovation for Giuliano is not just a slogan but a constant commitment".
Giuliano XBoss tyre changer represents a further significant step forward in tyre changers' evolution. It's based on patented SA FAST system (SAfe on wheel FAST on work) and embodies the best of Giuliano technologies. Designed with these guidelines, the new XBoss tyre-changer offers a unique, incredibly advanced and most innovative Giuliano experience: it's enough just to set tyre position before starting operations by means of two laser pointers (Twin Lasers). Once position is set, all functions are automatic in sequence, thanks to our TriTool system consisting of three independent mounting/demounting tools.
Particularly, innovative XTool is a real no contact leverless tyre demount device (Giuliano exclusive patent). No matter which kind of tyre you are working with, thanks to our dedicated system the procedure is always the same with conventional, run-flat, or "extreme" UHP low profiled tyres. All working tools and devices are powered by motoinverter system, extremely precise, and powerful.
Simplifying everyday work, gathering all steps of your operation into reduced, easy functions and increasing every set up speed, in order to make your operation safe and fast, has allowed us to create a new no contact and leverless standard in the market.