1976-2016: Forty years of success !
1976-2016: Forty years of success !

1976-2016. Since Giuliano company first appeared in it, in 1976, the tyre service equipment market has significantly changed. The progress and innovation in the field during this period has been impressive. Tyre market evolution has driven our development, brought new challenges, increased our know-how and experience.

It is not the strongest, nor the smartest that survives, but the one who’s most adaptable to changes [Charles Darwin].
Over the years Giuliano has strived to strengthen and consolidate its product image and organizational structure, seeking of being a leader in automotive equipment technologies, keeping ahead of market demand and anticipating market trends, which has now enabled our company to offer tyre professionals unrivaled high performance products and cutting-edge solutions.

Renowned for its dynamic business strategies, Giuliano Industrial has always been devoting significant resources to the growth of their R&D and Engineering team, in order to respond appropriately to market developments, meet specific customer requirements and anticipate market trends.
Innovation for Giuliano is not just a slogan but a constant commitment.
Creativity, flexibility and innovation strategies have driven our growth and success over the years. Giuliano know-how and innovation have always been highly valued and appreciated by automotive industry experts, tyre professionals, as well as magazines and qualified technological partners. Our most innovative products have been awarded 3 times the prestigious "Top 20 Tools" award in 2011, 2013 and 2015. Successful partnership with some of the leading players in tyre industry allows us to develop high performance products and innovative solutions, dedicated both to existing products and to those under development.

Our pioneering spirit allowed us to take on new challenges and enter markets, which many would have believed impossible, such as elite market of race & competition tyres. We’ve been proud to work on race tracks, together with most important specialists of car races. This has been a really new experience for us.

A considerable number of certifications and endorsements from the world’s leading auto and moto manufacturers (the latest one coming from BMW Group) are a further confirmation of Giuliano’s high working standards.

We take great pride in being able to place our innovative technologies at the service of professional school students. Offering talented and enterprising young people our high performance solutions represents the icing on the cake of our 40th birthday.

We are ready for another 40 years success!