Giuliano: Profession Passion since 1976 !
Giuliano's Innovations at Automechanika 2016

As the driving force behind our passion has guided our activities and choices over the last 40 years, so the unflagging enthusiasm for our work will pave the way for another 40 years of success!

No great success is ever achieved without great effort and passion. Achievements are just a new beginning for those who, like us, have turned their PASSION into a PROFESSION ! Automechanika trade fair will be held in Frankfurt am Main on September 13th till 17th, 2016, and will represent the latest important event over our first 40 years, as well as a first significant opportunity for future ones to follow. We are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at Automechanika trade fair (Booth A65, Hall 8.0) a selected range of Giuliano branded products, new innovative products and well-known machines, from traditional tyre changers to the top of the range best sellers, which have gained international success:

  • XBOSS, super-automatic no contact leverless tyre changer, Giuliano top of the range product.
    We would like to point out that XBOSS tyre changer represents a unique concept on the international market, as this model is designed and dedicated to tyre specialists, who will be able to take advantage of a fully automatic machine, and at the same time decide to intervene during the working phases at any time. Furthermore, the new XBOSS tyre changer is equipped with special safety devices, designed to guarantee total safety for the operator.

  • Crossage Evo Plus, the only machine equipped with Giuliano Lever-No Lever technology covered by exclusive international patent, allows the operator to handle many different types of tyres in an extremely professional way, either with or without a bead lifting lever. Crossage Evo Plus was designed conceptually as a traditional tyre changer, but becomes “special” as it is supplied with additional innovative accessories, all covered by international patents, which make it one of Giuliano best sellers thanks to a very favourable price/quality ratio.

  • SX 120, a new concept of automatic tyre changer with clamping turntable and parallelogram operating arm: as a real space-saving machine, it can be placed against the wall and does not require any lateral space. The innovative clamping turntable covered by an international patent is the only clamping system in the market driven by 4 cylinders instead of two, to grant straight movement, even and secure clamping of the jaws thanks to the evenly distributed pressure. It is a real cutting-edge traditional tyre changer, out of any traditional scheme.

  • S 228 PRO DUO, our best-selling traditional tyre changer with clamping turntable, well-established and recognized as a winning product, thanks to the positive feedback from our customers.

  • In a separate space we will be exhibiting our S 226 Bike BMW tyre changer and S 810 Bike BMW wheel balancer endorsed by BMW, prestigious approval which testify to our reputation and success.

  • Giuliano S 820 and S 840 wheel balancers, equipped with accessories to enhance their performance, complete the range of products that Giuliano is pleased to present to its customers.

Don’t miss the next appointment with Automechanika and Giuliano, we look forward to your visit to our booth A 65, Hall 8.0. Our technical and sales staff will be happy to show you our products and assist you with the usual care and professionalism.