Smart Lock is Giuliano patented ultra-quick wheel clamping system suitable for all Giuliano top of the range leverless and no contact center post tyre changers. Developed by our engineers, it is based on SA FAST concept (SAfe on wheel, FAST on work) and embodies the best of Giuliano technologies. SaFast is the design guideline and philosophy behind every new project at Giuliano, whether it is a complete machine or an accessory !

How does the new Smart Lock work?

During wheel clamping operation the new quick-clamp system moves automatically to locking position.

Thanks to the “expanding nut”, one of Giuliano innovative and exclusive concepts, you just need a 90° movement on the knob after sliding the shaft into the center hole, to have a complete, safe and reliable wheel clamping on your spindle chuck, with no need of tricky hooking. Complete wheel clamping operation needs just 2 seconds !!

Once the operations onto the wheel are completed, lift up the Quick- Release system outer sleeve and completely tilt down the locking lever to unlock SMART LOCK quickly and easily.

The two new handles, one mushroom-shaped and the other half-ball-shaped, have been specially designed to guarantee easy grip, facilitate wheel clamping and unlocking of the system.

Developments have been made to improve both performance and functionality as well as manufacturing technology. Design, part of the internal mechanics and some materials have been enhanced to ensure greater durability.

The new Smart Lock is already supplied as standard with Giuliano top of the range tyre changers: Crossage Evo Plus and XBoss, whose extremely advanced technological features have proved to be an absolute winning solution on most important international markets.