Giuliano at Autopromotec 2017:  new concepts and latest products!
Giuliano at Autopromotec 2017: new concepts and latest products!

Giuliano Group S.p.A at Autopromotec in Bologna, Booth A66 - Hall 19 (24-28 May 2017): our technical and sales staff will be happy to present our new products, innovative concepts and much more! Don't miss this appointment!

Over the years Giuliano's patented QX Leverless mount/demount system has proved to be an absolute winning solution on the most important international markets. It is a truly cutting edge Leverless Technology and the first accessory available on the market designed to upgrade your traditional tyre changer to a leverless model in just a few minutes.
Our QX has been a huge sales hit since its introduction in 2005 and we have sold thousands of QX since we launched it in Italy. Its most innovative feature is easy and fast installation on all different types of conventional tyre changers (including any of our competitors' models).
An unrivaled high performance product at an unbeatable price, QX has become Giuliano's best-selling accessory on the international market, thanks to its high-efficiency and top quality performance.
Following the ground-breaking success of QX leverless mount/demount system, Giuliano launched their QX "Plus" LEVER-NO LEVER pneumatic/automatic device, which represents a step further, as being designed to turn Giuliano Crossage EVO Plus tyre changer into a high performance machine, which can work either with or without a bead lifting lever.

Giuliano has always been keeping ahead of market demand, seeking to anticipate market trends (and offering tyre professionals cutting-edge solutions). To this end, Giuliano Industrial designed their absolutely new and innovative high performance tyre changers range with fixed vertical tower and parallelogram operating arm (PAR-MOVE Concept); available in versions with both patented POWER X four cylinders clamping turntable and clamping chuck with Smart Lock (patented ultra-quick manual wheel clamping system).

The new PAR-MOVE Concept Series includes 4 high performance super-automatic tyre changer models:

  • SX 120;
  • SX 120 PRO DUO;
  • SX 120 PRO DUO LNL;
  • S 121.
XBOSS super-automatic leverless and real no contact tyre changer (never touching the rim during working procedure). Designed to guarantee total safety for the operator, safe and fast, it is an ideal machine for mounting / demounting the most challenging wheel & tyre assemblies, without any risk of damaging the rim or tyre.
Thanks to TRITOOL system (Patent Pending) each mounting/demounting tool is automatically placed in the correct operating position. The system works automatically through preset movements, to make everyday’s tyre service faster, safer and completely risk-free.
XBoss has been designed based on Giuliano’s exclusive SAFAST concept (SAfe on wheel, FAST on work !!), the design guideline and philosophy behind every new project at Giuliano, whether it is a complete machine or an accessory !

We will be pleased to welcome you to our Booth A66 - Hall 19 (24-28 May 2017) and introduce you to our new S 562 truck tyre changer 13"-27" for mobile tyre service, a further evolution of the previous model S 561.
The field of truck tyre changers for mobile tyre service is an ever growing and interesting market segment.
For this reason, we’ve designed S562 tyre changer to enhance features, performance and safety, both for the operators and the wheels.
In a dedicated area we will also be exhibiting our new wheel balancers, equipped with the original Haweka accessories to enhance their performance and better meet market demand. We trust that our recently established business cooperation with Haweka will be fruitful and mutually successful.