FRR QUICK Wheel clamping adaptor for reverse mounted and plastic clad wheels
FRR QUICK Wheel clamping adaptor for reverse mounted and plastic clad wheels

The FRR QUICK wheel clamping adaptor has been designed by Giuliano engineers in order to ensure the safest, fastest, easiest and most effortless way to clamp reverse mounted wheels and plastic clad rims onto the standard clamping chuck.

Reverse/clad wheels require extreme care during clamping and mounting. Every tyre specialist knows that the best way to clamp reverse mounted and clad rims onto the clamping chuck, is to use a special wheel clamping adaptor, and it can’t be denied that it is a really time-consuming operation. However, it doesn’t have to be this way !!

The new Giuliano FRR QUICK is meant to solve this issue. This extremely advanced and fast-mounting wheel clamping adaptor requires no tools for its adjustment.

Ultra-quick, extremely simple and fast, adjustable FRR QUICK pin plate requires 3 steps only:

Once the above operations are performed, clamp the rim using patented Smart Lock or the other Giuliano wheel clamping systems for center post tyre changers.

FRR Quick, is standard supplied with plastic measuring caliper and two kits of pins (6 pins 70mm length; 6 pins 100mm length), and can be used for many different types of rims available on the market.

You can eventually handle rims with 3, 4, 5 or 6 lug holes (and their multiples) in different shapes and design.

Thorough tests, performed by our engineers have confirmed the reliability and almost endless durability of this new Giuliano product.