New wheel balancer range S810 - S860
S810-S860 Wheel Balancers

After more than 35 years experience in the Tyre Service Industry, and successful partnerships with the most important OEMs in the field, GIULIANO INDUSTRIAL S.p.A. adds a further step to complete its product range and includes a whole new range of Wheel Balancers.
State of the Art technology and most advanced features mix with ergonomics and the easiest, simplest, fastest way of getting your tire and , whether it is for a passenger car, or for a motorcycle or a truck and heavy commercial vehicle.
Solid and reliable design embodies a balancing technology which comes from the fundamentals of Industrial Balancing, a guarantee of the best results for your tire shop. Gather this with the premium quality of our tire changers, and you'll have the perfect mix for the Tyre Specialist of the 21st Century.
The balancing cycle of our machines is among the fastest in the market. This, though, doesn't affect precision in balancing, as the accuracy of our balancing results is unbeatable (tolerance +/- 0,5 gr.) !! This result is achieved through a software system able to read unbalance and correction needed at very low speed (< 100 rpm), which reduces the time necessary for the machine to reach the right speed, and so the total cycle time. Our technology always keeps high focus on the fundamentals of wheel balancing: minimizing static unbalance and trying to eliminate unbalance on external plans.
Today most of wheels are made of alloy and the most indicated way of balancing is using stick-on weights. Our software always gives the chance to reach the best balance value on both static and external plans, which is what minimizes vibration on your vehicle.
Using the same fundamentals, the OPTIWEIGHT system provides an excellent way to reduce the quantity of weights you need to employ, in order to balance your tire and wheel. This is not just a simple trick to increase the tolerance on tire and wheel unbalance, but it's a real calculation system, to search the best method of unbalance correction, within the right tolerances.
As a further development of this logic and balancing engineering, the Tire Set function (TS) provides an indication of the best position for each tire and wheel on your car, based on the chance to reach minimum mismatch between wheel and tire balance and shape.
On models which include these features, automatic measurements of wheel width (LA), radial run out (ROM) and lateral run out (LRM) are performed through SONAR system, which provides fast and accurate readings of required measurements, without any interference by the operator.
Fast & Easy Split (FES) function, included in all models of our range, is really the fastest method on the market to split balancing weights behind the spokes of your aluminum wheel. It requires a very easy, simple and quick touch on your balancer's panel, without any need to enter the number of spokes or any other data. Air operated wheel clamping system, available on some of our models, further reduces cycle time and provides a very precise and reliable wheel centering method, as wheel clamping is performed through gas springs, activated through the air flow, which always employ constant clamping power.
Thanks to the electro-magnetic brake employed in some of our models, weight-setting gauge, as well as wheel and tire ,can be locked automatically in the right position to place the balancing weight. All our wheel balancers are equipped with No Wheel Needed (NWN) system for setting gauges, as well as sonar (when included). This setting system only requires positioning gauges at a certain distance from pre-fixed points to set them, without using any sample tire or wheel.
The air operated Wheel Lift helps positioning tire and wheel in an easy way and reduces operator's effort in centering heavy tire assemblies.
Our Video balancers are all equipped with 19" TFT high definition color monitors, whether flat screen or touch screen, providing easy view to every operator.