Your car ? Purchase it on line !!
Your car ? Purchase it on line !!

World Wide Web's growing popularity as a way of communication, together with the hard economic crisis, are currently pushing lots of Italians to use the web also as a way to purchase goods and products. If in 2004 turism, electronics and leasure time were 80% of the sales on the web (Source: Casaleggio Associati), today we have to add CARS among the most popular product categories purchased and sold on Internet.
According to a reasearch by Duepuntozero (member of Doxa Group), on behalf of popular purchase &sales web site, Internet represents the most important purchasing channel for second-hand cars in the opinion of 59% of the interviewed persons in the sample (percentage slows down to 39% when talking about brand new cars).
Among the most requested car brands there are Fiat, BMW and Volkswagen.
Even in new cars market, though, there's something new moving on, specially thanks to new marketing strategies as the one from DACIA (member of Renault group): for the first time in Europe, a car manufacturer gives common customers the chance to "create and configure" their own car and purchase it directly, on their web site. Currently this option is available only for the SANDERO model, but if you just pay the small amount of 500EUROs in advance, you can configure your Sendero and purchase it, paying the whole mount through the web and even choosing in which DACIA dealer you'll want to collect it.