S562 New standard accessories
S562 New standard accessories

Our success stems from our professional approach and competence. Our main goal is to further enhance the quality of our products and therefore our customers' work. The key to achieving this is the continuous search for improvements, both when designing a new product and when trying to improve an existing one.

Our modular design approach enables us to improve the performance of a machine just by adding an accessory, rather than designing an altogether new machine.

This is what we did with S562 tyre changer for mobile tyre service, where we added the new double tool (nylon roller tool + finger tool) to our standard supplied equipment.

Thanks to this innovative double tool it will be possible to mount both tube and tubeless wheels without having to replace any components!! The new double tool greatly simplifies the work of mobile tyre service professonals.
Nylon roller tool designed for tubeless wheels speeds up all operations, especially on truck wheels, while the new finger tool is essential for particularly difficult wheels and for wheels with inner tube (where the roller alone would make the work more time consuming).

All this WITHOUT CHANGING THE PURCHASE PRICE !! We try to provide you with ever more high-performance technical solutions, while staying within your budget.
You can find our demonstration video showing the use of the new innovative accessory on our YouTube channel or by clicking on the following link.