45 years of innovation
45 years of innovation

This is a very special year for us, and we want to share it with you: this is our 45th Anniversary !!
We are proud to celebrate these fantastic 45 years of great goals achieved, success, rises but also falls, research and innovation; 45 years of brave choices, changes, commitment and enthusiasm !!
It’s good to look back and see how our Company has grown during the years, from a small project to a good industrial entity, with branches abroad and partners all over the world. An appreciated reality, recognized by our competitors, as well.
This has been achieved ONLY thanks to you !!! Customers who have believed in us in all these years, and employees and workers, strategic suppliers and partners, and all those who, each one in their own way, has supported us to reach this goal.
For all this we want to deeply and sincerely THANK YOU !!!
Needless to say, this is going to be a different year, never seen before, as the COVID pandemic has brought new scenarios, as difficult and tragic as we could never expect. Challenges in front of us will be hard, but we’ll be surely able to win them, if we stick together!!

New problems and issues are always bringing new opportunities, and we, at GIULIANO INDUSTRIAL S.p.A., want to take them, with the passion and commitment we’ve always brought in our life.
We trust in a bright future, we know this is just a first step of a long journey, taking us way more far, and we look forward to move on, together with you all!!

45 anni di innovazione