Giuliano and SnapNT at AutoServiceTec 2021 Sicily

AutoServiceTec 2021 has just finished and we are proud to announce this trade fair has been a great success for Giuliano's team!
Giuliano Industrial, together with SnapNT, took part in this important event, introducing some of the most popular Giuliano branded products:

  • CWA21, state of the art 3D wheel alignment with simultaneous front and rear alignment (4x4), Push Pull Runout, setback and Thrust Angle compensation, Lift level Compensation at adjustment level, Power Failure Data protection, automatic tracking of left and right turns for Caster and Kingpin measurement, effortless Toe adjustment program, Camber measurement at Zero Toe; plus supreme Imaging quality 10Mpx cameras and Feather Rollbar easy adjustment of camera height by hand.
  • JBOSS, contactless leverless tyre changer, including 5 patented GIULIANO technical solutions for the high end shop: TRI TOOL mount/demount system, SMART LOCK world fastest manual wheel clamping device, CENTER DRIVEN CONCEPT bead breaking system with disks, TWIN LASER wheel positioning system and BP1 PLUS assist arm with SELF STORAGE device. Safe and fast, it is an ideal machine for mounting / demounting the most challenging tyre assemblies, without any risk of damaging the rim or tyre.
  • S835, Digital Video 3D wheel balancer with stunning graphics, laser line for stick-on weights application, led light on working area, adjustable monitor, capable weight tray, wheel guard, pedal wheel brake and complete with wheel centering accessories. User-friendly, reliable and precise. Complete with all working programs for steel and alu wheels, including special programs for easier and faster balancing cycle. Updated software for a great user experience. Best choice for high volume, high performance tire shops.
  • S121 center post tyre changer with reinforced chassis, robust fixed vertical tower and parallelogram operating arm PAR-MOVE Concept (Giuliano Patent). This new state of the art technology allows to save space in your workshop, installing the tyre changer against the wall and requiring no additional rear space. IT also grants extreme powerful rigidity of the operating parts, through advanced ergonomic design, helping handling different types of tyres in the easiest and most effortless way.
We welcomed a very good number of excited visitors and customers in our booth during the show, all interested in our products and willing to revamp automotive business and chances to meet and share ideas in public events.
Three days together with all of you, which proved to be the best medicine against pandemic, and the best sign of a great restart!!
A heartfelt thank-you to SNAP NT team and all our customers for making our success possible!