Faces of our passion

We are proud to introduce our new Corporate Presentation Video !!
A mix of people, places, actions and emotions, to celebrate our home land, the Emilia’s Motor Valley, and to show WHO we are and WHAT we do.

Designed, built & engineered in Italy - Giuliano Automotive Equipment since 1976.

Since over 45 years GIULIANO brand means quality, reliability, performance and innovation in tyre service equipment market.
Born in Correggio (Italy), the “Homeland of Tyre Changer”, in 1976, the company has been developing so far in the equipment market, offering a wide range of high performance equipment: tyre changers for car, motorcycle, truck and heavy duty wheels, wheel-balancers, pneumatic platform lifts, electrohydraulic lifts, body shop and testing equipment.
Our R&D Department and Engineering Team are always very careful about tyre and automobile market evolutions. Moreover, successful cooperation with valued customers and OEM partners, car and tyre manufacturers and international regulation authorities has enabled us to develop a real state-of-the-art range of products, always updated and with engineering innovations to always keep a top level in quality and performance.

We want to take the chance and deeply thank our suppliers and partners who made this video presentation possible, as a sign of our precious cooperation during the years.
See more about them at the end of the video.

Since over 45 years, we’ve been designing and producing our machines with passion.

GIULIANO, PROFESSION: PASSION Automotive Equipment since 1976