Semi-automatic swing arm center post tyre changer for extra wide oversized and racing tyres

Powerful center post tyre changer for intensive use, specially designed for high volume automotive repair shops and tyre stores, servicing wide range of wheel sizes and tyre types.
Extra-high tower for extra wide tyres and powerful clamping system make the tyre-changing process more efficient and easier. The best solution for oversized and racing tyres.

Precision and Power: The center post design and the power of the clamping device ensures that the wheel and tyre assembly is held securely in place during the tyre-changing process. This can help to prevent damage to the wheel or tyre and can also help to ensure that the tyre is mounted correctly and balanced properly.

Safety: Center post tyre changers design provides a safe working area without dangerous protruding parts around the wheel which could cause injuries to the operator during centre-plate spinning.

Convenience: Center post tyre changer allows working much more efficiently and faster, more convenient than other types of tyre changers, especially for busy automotive repair shops or tyre stores. Designed to be easy to use and can help to streamline the tyre-changing process, reducing wait times for customers and increasing productivity for the business.

Sturdy cabinet, welded in one piece, bead breaker arm designed for tough jobs, reliable and durable clamping system, powerful manual center post device, solid swing-arm column, vertical tower with built-in air tank, suitable for one or two Helper Arms. Version with Leverless device available. Designed, built and engineered in Italy.
Developed by Giuliano for high volume tyre shops, servicing extra wide tyres, suitable for all tyre professionals, who have to deal with all kinds of CAR, LCV and LIGHT TRUCK tyres and wheels every day.

5-YEAR WARRANTY on the core parts of our tyre changers. MAXI PRO CP - The real “work-horse” for your tyre shop!!

  • Extra-high tower for extra wide tyres, swinging horizontal arm with Ø 41 mm operating arm.
  • Bead breaker double effect Cylinder Ø 200 mm.
  • Reinforced Chassis and Tower.
  • Robust bead breaker arm, designed for tough jobs.
  • Fast reliable manual clamping device.
  • Vertical tower with built-in air tank, provides tubeless tyre inflation and bead seating.
  • Tubeless tyre bead seating system (optional).
  • PRESS ARM powerful pneumatic helper system to ease mounting operations of low profiled and UHP tyres (supplied as standard with Maxi Pro PA and Maxi Pro Duo, optional for Maxi Pro).
  • HELP additional auxiliary helper arm to ease mounting operations of low profiled and UHP tyres (supplied as standard with MAXI Pro Duo, optional for MAXI Pro and MAXI Pro PA).
  • Fitting head designed for both standard and low profiled tyre applications.
  • Double rotation speed by pedal (220V - 1ph or 110V - 1ph Inverter).
  • MOTOINVERTER for granting faster, more accurate and reliable drive for your tyre machine.
  • “Easy Access“ extractable pedal box for quick service.
  • Complete with storage box for tools and accessories.
  • Quick release kit for mounting tools (optional).
  • Suitable for Patented QX mounting device for low profiled and UHP tyres (optional).
  • A very practical Wheel Lifter reduces effort and increases productivity (optional).
  • 5 YEAR WARRANTY on “Made in Giuliano” gearbox.
  • Designed, built and engineered in Italy.
  • "Right to repair" - all service parts available for at least 10 years since production, easy maintenance and reduced environmental impact.
Extensive selection of standard accessories: bead lifting lever, lube paste bucket and brush, plastic protectors for mounting/demounting tool, 2 protectors for bead breaker shovel, lubricator + pressure regulator, bucket support mounting head, press/twist clamping device, 2 plastic protections for clamping device, 2 rubber protections for clamping chuck

Made In Italy
Rim clamping range 10" - 26"
Max. tyre diameter 1200 mm (47")
Max. tyre width 390 mm (15")
For reverse mounted wheels, variable according to rim features
Bead breaker force 30800 N
Operating pressure 10 bar (145 psi)
Power supply 220V - 1ph - Inverter (STND)
400V - 3ph, 2 speed, 110V - 1ph (OPT)
Motor power 0,75 kW (2 speed)
Balancing speed 7-16 rpm
Air Inflation Pressure 3,5 bar (50 Psi)
Net weight 298 Kg
Maxi Pro CP
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1390 x 1310 x 2160 mm
Maxi Pro CP
Net weight 358 Kg
Maxi Pro PA CP
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1390 x 1600 x 2160 mm
Maxi Pro PA CP
Net weight 390 Kg
Maxi Pro Duo CP
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1390 x 1750 x 2160 mm
Maxi Pro Duo CP