PAR-MOVE concept center post tyre changer with combined two assist arms

PAR-MOVE concept high performance center post tyre changer with combined two assist arms.

Discover the advantages of PAR-MOVE system

High-performance tyre changer designed to quickly and efficiently remove and install tyres on the rim in a safe way. Powerful motor and durable components, this tyre changer can handle the demands of changing tyres on high-performance and racing vehicles. Advanced features such as pneumatic bead breaker and two assist arms to make the tyre changing process even easier and more efficient.


  • Robust fixed vertical tower with innovative PAR-MOVE parallelogram operating arm [Giuliano Patent]. 5 YEAR WARRANTY ON PAR-MOVE
  • SPACE SAVER: PAR-MOVE design enables the tyre changer to be installed against the wall, requiring no additional rear space.
  • Reinforced Chassis. Fixed vertical tower and parallelogram operating arm [Giuliano Patent] makes S119 Pro Duo CP extremely robust and stiff, granting increased rigidity and eliminating all flexes.
  • Manual Press/Twist ultra-quickwheel-clamping device.
  • Fitting head designed for both standard and low profiled tyre applications.
  • QX Leverless tyre mounting/demounting device [Giuliano Patent] for conventional, low profiled, UHP and Run Flat tyres, optional.
  • BP1 PLUS pneumatic bead pressing arm [Giuliano Patent] lifts up automatically at the end of the mounting procedure, and moves back in rest position, with no need for the operator to change his working position (standard).
  • HP119 Additional auxiliary helper system (standard) provides a valuable support in mounting/ demounting Run Flat, UHP and low profiled tyres.
  • Bead breaker double effect Cylinder ø 200 mm.
  • 5 YEARS WARRANTY on “Made in Giuliano” gearbox.
  • PO System [Giuliano Patent] for granting no bead breaker shovel stuck into the rim during bead breaking operations.
  • Adjustable bead breaker shovel stroke. Super-quick and Simple.
  • Double rotation speed by pedal.
  • Available in 3ph-2 speed, 1ph-2 speed (inverter) and 1ph - 1 speed version.
    MOTOINVERTER for granting faster, more accurate and reliable drive for your tyre changer.
  • Tyre inflation by pedal (standard).
  • Vertical tower with built-in air tank, provides tubeless tyre inflation and bead seating (optional), eliminating the need for a separate air tank.
  • Suitable for Tubeless tyre bead seating system (optional).
  • “Easy Access“ extractable pedal box for quick service.
  • Extensive selection of standard accessories
  • A very practical Wheel Lifter reduces effort and increases productivity (optional).
  • Designed, built and engineered in Italy.
  • "Right to repair" - all service parts available for at least 10 years since production, easy maintenance and reduced environmental impact.
Made In Italy
Rim clamping range 12" - 30"
Max. tyre diameter 1100 mm (43")
Max. tyre width 390 mm (15")
For reverse mounted wheels, variable according to rim features
Bead breaker force 30800 N
Operating pressure 10 bar (145 psi)
Power supply 220V - 1ph - Inverter (STND)
400V - 3ph - 2 speed, 110V - 1ph (OPT)
Motor power 0,75 kW (2 speed)
Balancing speed 7-16 rpm
Air Inflation Pressure 3,5 bar (50 Psi)
Net weight 420 Kg
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1750 x 1310 x 2170 mm