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Semiautomatic swing arm tyre changer machine

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Main Features
Car (TC)

Suitable for car wheels


Model with 3 control pedals, fixed vertical tower, swinging horizontal arm and operating arm with manual lowering and locking by hand-lever.


Allows to operate with tyre assemblies from 10" to 24".


Jaw Clamping
Rim clamping is performed by means of 4 jaws facing each other, driven by pneumatic cylinders connected to the control pedal.


Blade Bead Breaking
Bead breaking by conventional blade, works with tyre assembly in vertical position

Semi-automatic swing arm tyre changer machine, 10"-24", equipped with lubricator, tyre bar and inflation pressure regulator 3,5 Bar (50 Psi), double effect BB cylinder d.200 mm., double nylon protected professional fitting head. The special designed mounting/demounting head provides great versatility and performance for even low profiled tyres.
  • Robust vertical tower, swinging horizontal arm with □ 35 mm operating arm;
  • Bead breaker double effect Cylinder ø 200 mm., made in aluminum;
  • Reinforced Chassy;
  • Tabletop thickness 12 mm;
  • Fitting head designed for both standard and low profiled tyre applications;
  • Tyre inflation by pedal (optional);
  • Suitable for Tubeless tyre bead seating system (optional);
  • Suitable for Press Arm Eco (optional)
External clamping range 10" - 22"
By adjustable jaws
Internal clamping range 12" - 24"
By adjustable jaws
Max. tyre diameter 1010 mm (39")
Max. tyre width 330 mm (13")
Bead breaker cylinder force at 10 Bar 30800 N
Operating pressure 10 bar (145 psi)
Balancing speed 7 rpm
Power supply 400V - 3ph / 220V - 1ph
Motor power 0,55 kW (3 ph)
Air Inflation Pressure 3,5 bar (50 Psi)
Net weight 185 Kg
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1240 x 1060 x 1760 mm

Tyre mounting/demounting with Silverline SL11 semi-automatic tyre changer...

e changer by Giuliano.
Reinforced chassis, bead breaker double effect cylinder Ø 200 mm, made of aluminum and tabletop thickness 12 mm make these model the best choice for the average tyre shop with a budget goal.

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