Robotic leverless tyre changer, electro-hydraulic par move concept, with fully automated bead-loosening / tyre-demounting cycle

T-REC robotic tyre changer is GIULIANO solution to automation applied to the world of tyre service. T-REC includes a software automatically managing a complete tyre bead loosening and demounting cycle, without any operator intervention. The movements of all tools are electro-hydraulic, granting maximum precision. Tools positioning is set up through laser pointers and sensors, at the beginning of the procedure. A hybrid (air+mechanical) wheel clamping system, combining Speed of the air-operated type with Power and Strength of the mechanical one, ensures the wheel is always clamped solid on the clamping chuck pedestal. The tyre is then easily positioned for clamping through an easy and ergonomic air operated wheel lift. All this is combined with the well-known features of the patented PAR-MOVE operating system, Leverless tool (patented) and the Press Arm with self-storage function (another GIULIANO patent). But there is more !!! The automatic tyre bead loosening and demounting cycle CAN BE INTERRUPTED by the operator, to modify details according to his experience and knowledge, and through the “T-REC” function, special cycle management software memorizes the new procedure, creating a new profile record and a new demounting cycle, which can be stored and retrieved from the Database of the machine for further efficient operation. The real evolution of the automatic tyre service cycle, as you've never seen it before !!

  • Automatic procedure for bead loosening and tyre demounting, selectable according to tyre type and wheel type.
  • Chance to interrupt and modify automatic cycle, even during it, without RESET.
  • T-REC” function, to memorize new modified procedures and recall them on Touch Screen interface.
  • Exclusive GIULIANO self-learning function "iREC": the tyre changer perfects the preset work cycles according to the experience of the operator, maximizing the speed of automation with the unique expertise of the professional.
  • Robust fixed vertical tower with innovative PAR-MOVE parallelogram operating arm (Giuliano Patent).
  • Leverless tyre mounting/demounting system (Giuliano Patent), standard
  • Equipped with BP1 PLUS bead pressing arm (standard), complete with self-storage function (Giuliano Patent).
  • Hybrid (air+mechanical) wheel clamping system ensures perfect wheel clamping, power and reliability, efficiency and speed of work for the operator.
  • Center Clamp Chuck rotation by motoinverter or hydraulic.
  • Laser pointer for positioning leverless tool.
  • Tyre Set” function to replicate the same procedure on the whole set of tyres.
  • Start / Stop pedal for automatic cycle.
  • A very practical Wheel Positioner reduces effort and increases productivity (standard).
  • Interactive Touch Screen 10” monitor for working operations selection.
  • Ergonomic and user-friendly control console; double working mode: automatic or manual.
  • Double arm/disk hydraulic operated bead loosening system.
  • 5 YEAR WARRANTY on gearbox and PAR-MOVE (Giuliano Patent).
  • Fixed vertical tower and PAR-MOVE parallelogram operating arm (Patented) makes T-REC extremely robust and stiff, granting increased rigidity and eliminating all flexes. Vertical tower with built-in air tank.
  • Bead loosening disks are slightly but purposely misaligned with the rim center for a better and faster penetration and immediate bead loosening, CDC Center Driven Concept (Giuliano Patent).
  • Tyre inflation by pedal (standard).
  • Suitable for Tubeless tyre bead seating system (optional).
  • Designed, built and engineered in Italy.
  • Already Pre-Set for INDUSTRIA 4.0. Archive and Data Base of all tyre application operations.
T-REC Amazing piece of technique from our engineering team designed to ensure efficient operation and safety.
Made In Italy

T-REC PRO Tyre Changer - Teaser Video

T-REC tyre changer: bead breaking and demounting of the tyre, without any...

operator intervention

T-REC video instructions

T-REC video instructions

First T-REC robotic tyre changer with iRec memory functions ever installed...

in Montecarlo! Many thanks to Tk Solution for their support, and to Johnny Cecotto Jr., owner of Stars MonteCarlo and LePneu tyre shop, for his great hospitality in this wonderful place, and his preference towards our brand and product!! A really professional team of tyre specialists, in a wonderful location. And the tire changer is perfectly fitting!