3D wheel balancer with video display, touchless sonar, pneumatic clamping, laser line and led light

3D wheel balancer with video display, touchless sonar, pneumatic clamping, laser line and LED light.
Super-automatic 3D data entry via distance and diameter gauge and touchless sonar for rim width (without manual rim width caliper). Precise, reliable, and easy-to-use software. All data is entered automatically, laser-guided weight placement eliminates any possibility of human error. Speed, accuracy, and simplicity!
High-performance wheel balancer, all electronic components are manufactured in Italy. Best choice for high volume tyre shops using efficient products.
Eye-catching graphics, bright and colorful TFT display, updated software for a great user experience. Pneumatic clamping speeds up wheel-clamping operations.

  • Flat screen HD color video monitor 19” TFT.
  • Automatic measuring of wheel diameter and distance.
  • Automatic measuring of wheel width by touchless SONAR (LA).
  • Pneumatic wheel clamping. Complete with cones and pneumatic clamping ring nut.
  • Automatic START and STOP.
  • Three-position pedal. The pedal controls the wheel locking/unlocking and brake system to lock the wheel in place for weight application.
  • Static and dynamic balancing.
  • Huge combination of ALU programs.
  • Special Alu-S Programs. Programs for selecting the best correction planes for any kind and shape of alloy rim.
  • “No Wheel Needed” (NWN) system for calibrating gauges. The gauge shaft or Sonar detector is positioned at a given distance from the fixed points established for the procedure, without need for any sample wheel. Very easy calibration of measuring gauges.
  • Hidden weight. Fast & Easy Split (FES) function is the fastest method on the market to split balancing weights behind the spokes of your aluminum wheel.
  • OPTIMACH Software (optimization of the unbalance between rim and tyre).
  • Self-diagnosis.
  • Self-calibration.
  • Opposite Weight function (OPF), enables to place the balancing stick–on weight on the lower inside part of the aluminum wheel (at 6:00).
  • Self-Selection Mode. Self-recognition of the Working program.
  • Optimization of static unbalance.
  • CLIP system for application of stick-on weight.
  • Complete with Wheel guard.
  • Laser line for exact positioning of adhesive weights.
  • LED light to illuminate working area.
  • Eye-catching graphics, updated software for a great user experience.
  • Advanced software for further upgrades.
  • USB port for firmware updating via pen-drive.
  • A very practical Wheel Lifter reduces effort and increases productivity (optional).
Made In Italy
Max. wheel weight 75 kg
Max. tyre diameter 1100 mm
Rim diameter 10"-30" / 255-765 mm
Rim width 1.5"-20" / 40-510 mm
Power supply 230V - 1ph (50/60) Hz
Unbalance detection time 4.7s (5 3/4 "x 14") 15 Kg
Balancing speed < 150 rpm
Balancing precision ÷ 1 g
Operating pressure 8-10 bar (115-145 PSI)
Net weight with guard 102 kg
Max overall dimensions 1350 x 1150 x 1280÷1540 mm