Digital electronic diagnostic wheel balancer with touch screen video display

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Digital electronic diagnostic wheel balancer with touch screen video display. Equipped with new concept wheel guard, air operated wheel clamping system, automatic measurement of diameter and distance without the need to use the measuring gauge. Equipped with sonar detectors for automatic measurements of wheel width (LA) and radial run out (ROM), LASER LINE for exact positioning of clip weights and LASER POINTER for exact positioning of adhesive weights. LED light beam to illuminate the inside of the rim to enable positioning of adhesive weight in 6:00 o’clock position. Automatic positioning of balancing weight, self-diagnosis and balancing without need of check-spin. Equipped with special programs for balancing weight minimization, statistics of the used weights, residual dynamic imbalance notice, correct positioning of each balanced tyre on vehicle.
Best choice for high-volume tyre shops using efficient products.

  • Touch screen HD color video monitor 19” TFT.
  • Automatic measuring of wheel diameter and distance by laser (acquisition without caliber).
  • Automatic measuring of wheel width through SONAR (LA).
  • Automatic measuring of radial run out by SONAR (ROM). Fast and accurate readings without any interference by the operator.
  • Pneumatic wheel clamping.
  • Automatic START and STOP.
  • Static and dynamic balancing.
  • Huge combination of ALU programs.
  • Special Alu-S Programs. Programs for selecting the best correction planes for any kind and shape of alloy rim.
  • “No Wheel Needed” (NWN) system for calibration of laser pointer and sonar, without wheel.
  • Hidden weight. Fast & Easy Split (FES) function is the fastest method on the market to split balancing weights behind the spokes of your aluminum wheel.
  • OPTIMACH Software (optimization of the unbalance between rim and tyre).
  • Self-diagnosis and calibration by No Check-Spin System (NCS) without need of check-spin.
  • LED light to illuminate working area.
  • Automatic positioning of balancing weight by laser pointer and electric brake.
  • Double Laser line for exact positioning of clip weights.
  • Laser Pointer for exact positioning of adhesive weight.
  • OPF function (Opposite Position). Automatic positioning of the counterweight application point at h. 6,00 o'clock.
  • OPTIWEIGHT (OW) function. Reduces the number of counterweights needed, by minimizing static imbalance.
  • Tyre Set function (TS) provides an indication of the best position for each tyre and wheel on your car, based on the chance to reach minimum mismatch between wheel and tyre balance and shape.
  • Stats of wheel weight usage.
  • Optimization of static unbalance.
  • OPB function (One Plane Balancing) allows correcting the wheel unbalance by applying a single correction weight that cancels out the static unbalance and also reduces the remaining unbalance in the outside planes to a minimum and within tolerance.
  • Complete with cones and pneumatic clamping ring nut.
  • Complete with wheel guard.
  • Suitable for USB connection to load customized graphic and software updates, as well as to download statistical data on the consumption of wheel weights.
  • Printer with connection cable (optional).
  • A very practical Wheel Lifter reduces effort and increases productivity (optional).
Made In Italy
Max. wheel weight 75 Kg
Max. tyre diameter 1100 mm
Rim diameter 10"-30" / 255-765 mm
Rim width 1,5"-20" / 40-510 mm
Power supply 230V 1ph (50/60 Hz)
Unbalance detection time 4,7s (5 3/4"x14") 15 Kg
Balancing speed < 100 rpm
Balancing precision ÷ 0,5 g
Operating pressure 8-10 bar (115-145 PSI)
Net weight with guard 107 Kg
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1430x1350x1360÷1805 mm

Steel rim, aluminium rim and matching

Special Functions

Wheel lift for all Giuliano wheel balancers. Designed and built in Italy....

New state of the art technology enables the wheel lift to be installed on almost all wheel balancers in the market. Easy positioning and centering on the shaft, without any effort for the operator.