Portable hand spin wheel balancer for mobile service

Portable extremely compact hand spin wheel balancer, installable everywhere. Ideal for mobile tyre service.
Best when coupled with S118 mobile tyre changer!

Easy to transport and very fast to install. It can be installed in all work environments that require minimal footprint. The real space saver!

Ideal for installations on: garage wall, VAN / truck, tyre changer. Above mentioned installation kits are available on request.

Simple and fast, it allows you to complete the service with quick and reliable balancing at any time!
Transportable and installable everywhere! Fast and reliable balancing at any time!

  • Intuitive and easy to use control panel;
  • Easy to transport and very fast to install;
  • Complete with clamping cones and manual quick clamping kit for car wheels;
  • Suitable for balancing wheels of all types: with steel or light alloy rims of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles;
  • Complete with standard programs and special professional programs such as ALUS, hidden weight, optimization and self-calibration;
  • OptiWeight OW Function (optimization) reduces the number of counterweights needed, minimizing static imbalance;
  • Self-Diagnosis;
  • Hidden weight. Fast & Easy Split (FES) function, is really the fastest method on the market to split balancing weights behind the spokes of your aluminium wheel;
  • Special Alu-S programs. Programs for selecting the best correction planes for any kind and shape of alloy rim.
Made In Italy