As a future-oriented company, Giuliano Automotive has always been convinced that continued investment in innovation is essential to constant growth.

To this end, Giuliano Automotive devotes significant resources to research and development, seeking to be a leader of R&D in automotive equipment technologies, by keeping ahead of market demand, and offering tire professionals unrivaled high performance products and cutting-edge solutions.

Innovation for Giuliano is not just a slogan but a constant commitment.

At Giuliano Automotive, a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals and engineers is devoted to develop innovative solutions and shape the future of the automotive industry. Giuliano has always been attentive to quality control and customer’s needs, in order to be able to respond to market developments, meet specific customer requirements and anticipate market trends, as well as strengthen and consolidate Giuliano products image.

Successful partnership with some of the most prestigious academic and scientific institutions allows us to offer a wide range of high performance products and innovative solutions, designed through the implementation of the most advanced technologies and new cutting edge ideas in the automotive industry.

Giuliano has always been working in close cooperation with the leading players in tire industry, so as to fine-tune key technologies to be implemented both into existing products and those under development.

Customer feedback, numerous certificates, prestigious international awards and official approvals obtained by the world’s leading auto manufacturers testify to our excellence, reputation and success. A considerable number of patents are a further confirmation of our interest in research and development as well as innovation brought to the sector.

"A winner is a dreamer who never gives up." [Nelson Mandela]

Just our specialist know-how, though, would have not allowed us to achieve our current results. A pioneering spirit, combined with a deep passion for our work and the ability to invest in men’s growth, allowed us to climb the top of the industry patiently and consistently, and act as a reliable and expert partner.