Giuliano's master class at Agritechnica

Agritechnica, the world’s largest international trade fair for agricultural machinery and equipment, took place in Hannover (Germany) on November 10th through 14th, 2015. Held every two years, this world’s leading exhibition attracted more than 2,900 exhibitors from 52 countries and 451,000 visitors.

Giuliano Industrial, together with its distributor Bohnenkamp, took part in this important event, placing innovative technologies at the service of professional school students and providing them with its super-automatic heavy duty truck tire changer. The trade fair was an opportunity for students of the school for farm machinery mechanics to apply what they learned to real work situations and to demonstrate their skills by mounting/demounting agricultural tires with Giuliano S 560 truck tire changer at Werkstatt Live booth.

The event (of which you can see three short extracts, by clicking on images on the right) have captured the attention of experts and tire professionals, who have had an opportunity to see the abilities of young technicians and the special features of Giuliano S560 heavy duty tire changer equipped with two-speed hydraulic clamping chuck, tool holder arm carriage with automatic movement, automatic tool rotation and mobile control unit for safe and convenient operation.

Giuliano Industrial takes this opportunity to thank Agritechnica and Bohnenkamp for their great trust, which allowed us to exhibit as sole manufacturer of a truck tire changer within Werkstatt Live.

This event has brought Giuliano and its staff success and appreciation, allowing us to provide young technicians with our know-how and thus enriching their professional experience.