Mobile tire changer for mobile tire service with patented space-saving PAR-MOVE system and leverless device

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S118 QX mobile tire changer for mobile service of passenger vehicle tires, fits in most popular commercial small vans. The real space-saving machine!!
Patented PAR MOVE design, with articulated up-down movement of operating arm, grants considerable space saving inside the van, and enables to store S118 QX with no need to tilt the machine or twist it into the van.
Patented Memory System, rigid structure and ergonomic design provides all features of a real professional, high end and full range tire service, in a mobile version.

Tire changer for mobile tire service: even in the most extreme environmental conditions, free to serve and sure to satisfy your customers.

STRONG POINTS OF THE NEW PATENTED PAR-MOVE SYSTEM, the most efficient and ergonomic in the world:
  • Ergonomic design. Ergonomic, smooth and effortless positioning and locking of the operating arm.
  • Efficiency & Speed. Patented memory system keeps track of working position (diameter and width of the rim) making it possible to operate on a full set of wheels of the same type, through pedal control for automatic repositioning.
  • Improved rigidity. Parallelogram technology involves no sliding parts. Articulated parallelogram movement of the operating arm uses special joints to avoid excessive mechanical plays and reduce any flex of the mounting tool in any direction: transverse T, radial R and vertical V.
  • Extremely precise and powerful. Once the operating arm is locked in working position, the mounting tool automatically moves up and backwards, to grant the right distance from the rim (at about 2 mm).
  • Safe on wheel. Thorough structural stress testing has proved PAR-MOVE system to be much more rigid and safe on wheel and tire than other traditional tire changer.
  • Bead breaker disk provides safe and precise bead breaking operation on both tire sides, just by flipping the arm manually.
  • Space saver. The new innovative space saving PAR MOVE tower is not tilting. Thanks to articulated parallelogram movement of the operating arm, the new S118 LNL tire machine do not require any additional rear and side space, as with conventional tilt back models, and can be installed in a working space perfectly fitting its actual overall dimensions.

Power Unit is made by four (4) batteries and an inverter to convert batteries’ low voltage into 220V AC and power the compressor, as well as the tire changer (when it is electric power supplied).
Tire changer can be powered by either a 220V-1ph-50/60Hz inverter motor (0,75 kW) or by air motor just connected to the compressor.

Power Unit can be installed in several different configurations, according to the type of VAN and your preference (total weight 350 kg.)
It is recommended to always install the whole device on a wooden platform, in order to isolate the van bottom surface.


Safe and fast tire changer positioning. Simple mechanism helps moving S118 QX in and out the van with easy process, all by hand. Air operated cylinders, joystick controlled, always complete the operation, securing S118 QX in its storage position or working position outdoor.
Once S118 QX is secured outdoor, it just needs 1100mm. space outside the van as working area. Limited working space for a real professional tire changer !!

  • Robust fixed vertical tower with innovative PAR-MOVE parallelogram operating arm [Giuliano Patent].
  • QX Leverless tire mounting/demounting device [Giuliano Patent] for conventional, low profiled, UHP and Run Flat tires.
  • SMART LOCK [Giuliano Patent] ultra-quick wheel clamping system, through cone and shaft with Smart Lock nut.
  • Bead breaker disk is slightly but purposely misaligned with the rim center for a better and faster penetration and immediate bead loosening, Center Driven Concept CDC [Giuliano Patent].
  • Manual tire changer movement and pneumatically assisted positioning: safe and fast!
  • Power Unit is made by four (4) low voltage batteries, Inverter Unit and compressor 100 lt. 220 V
  • Operated by pedal and control console.
  • Double rotation speed by pedal (motoinverter). Variable speed air motor available on request.
  • Motoinverter for granting faster, more accurate and reliable drive for your tire changer.
  • Arm/disk air operated bead breaker system with tilting arm for lower and upper bead.
  • Tire inflation by pedal (standard).
  • Portable wheel balancer S862 (optional). Simple and fast, it allows you to complete the service with quick and reliable balancing at any time.
  • Suitable for Tubeless tire bead seating system (optional).
  • Designed, built and engineered in Italy.
  • 24 months STANDARD WARRANTY on all Giuliano Parts and 5 YEARS WARRANTY on our key and patented components.
  • "Right to repair" - all service parts available for at least 10 years since production, easy maintenance and reduced environmental impact.
Tire changer designed specifically for mobile tire service, tailored to the needs of mobile tire service professionals.

Made In Italy
Rim clamping range 12"-30"
Max. tire diameter 43" (1100 mm)
Max. tire width 15" (381 mm)
For reverse mounted wheels, variable according to rim features
Bead loosener force at 10 bar 11700N (1200 Kg)
Max. wheel weight 80 Kg
Operating pressure 8-10 bar (116-145 psi)
Power supply 220 V - 1ph - 50/60 Hz/ 2 speed Motoinverter
Variable Speed Air Motor
Motor power 0,75 kW - 2 speed
2,2 kW - Variable Speed
Balancing speed 7-16 rpm - 2 speed
8 rpm
Pre-set tire inflating pressure 3,5 bar (50 psi)
Net weight 450 Kg
Dimensions (WxDxH) 100mm x 1150-1200mm x 1250-2025mm