Automatic Tilt Back Tire Mounting / Demounting Machine for car wheels 10” – 24”

Automatic Tilt Back Tire Mounting / Demounting Machine, 10"-24", equipped with lubricator, tire bar, inflation pressure regulator 3,5 Bar (50Psi), double effect BB cylinder d.200 mm., double nylon protected (to avoid contact with rim) fitting head (provides great versatility and performance for even low profiled tires).

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Traditional Automatic “Budget line” Tire Mounting / Demounting Machine, robust and convenient, equipped with air operated tilt-back tower, turntable clamping capacity 10”-24” and powerful bead breaker cylinder.
Product designed for low-medium volume shops.
Best choice for great quality at a budget price.

  • Tilting tower, sliding horizontal arm with ø 41 mm operating arm;
  • Bead loosener double effect cylinder ø 200 mm., made in aluminum;
  • Reinforced chassy;
  • Tabletop thickness 12 mm;
  • Fitting head designed for both standard and low profiled tire applications;
  • CE inflating gauge (standard);
  • Tire inflation by pedal (optional);
  • Suitable for HP4 dual assist arm (optional);
  • Suitable for tubeless tire bead seating system (optional).

The best choice for the average tire shop with budget goal.
External clamping range 10" - 22"
By adjustable jaws
Internal clamping range 12" - 24"
By adjustable jaws
Max. tire diameter 1010 mm (39")
Max. tire width 390 mm (15")
Bead loosener force 30800 N
Operating pressure 10 bar (145 psi)
Balancing speed 7 rpm
Power supply 400V - 3ph / 220V - 1ph
Motor power 0,55 kW
Air Inflation Pressure 3,5 bar (50 Psi)
Net weight 220 Kg
Max overall dimensions 1240 x 1740 x 2010 mm

How to use the GUN inflation device?

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