3D tire balancer with adjustable LED display, laser line and LED light

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Digital electronic 3D tire balancer with adjustable LED display, integrated sonar, laser line for stick-on weights application, LED light on working area, large weight tray, wheel guard, pedal wheel brake, complete with wheel centering accessories. User-friendly, reliable and precise. Complete with all working programmes for steel and alu wheels, including special programmes for an easier and faster balancing cycle.
Integrated Sonar, Led light, Laser Line. BE FASTER and more productive!

  • Automatic measuring of wheel diameter and distance.
  • Automatic measuring of wheel width by SONAR (LA).
  • Automatic START and STOP.
  • Pedal brake.
  • Static and dynamic balancing.
  • Huge combination of ALU programs.
  • “No Wheel Needed” (NWN) system for calibrating gauges.
  • Special Alu-S Programs. Programs for selecting the best correction planes for any kind and shape of alloy rim.
  • Hidden weight. Fast & Easy Split (FES) function is the fastest method on the market to split balancing weights behind the spokes of your aluminum wheel.
  • OPTIMACH Software (optimization of the unbalance between rim and tire).
  • Self-diagnosis.
  • Self-calibration.
  • Opposite Weight function (OPF), enables to place the balancing stick–on weight on the lower inside part of the aluminum wheel (at 6:00).
  • Complete with cones and quick clamping ring nut.
  • Complete with wheel guard.
  • Laser line for exact positioning of adhesive weights.
  • LED light on working area.
  • Advanced software for further upgrades.
  • USB port for firmware updating via pen-drive.
  • A very practical Wheel Lifter reduces effort and increases productivity (optional).
Ideal for all tire shops focused on real BALANCING and how to make it faster and more productive.
Made In Italy
Max. wheel weight 75 kg
Max. tire diameter 1100 mm
Rim diameter 10"-30" / 255-765 mm
Rim width 1.5"-20" / 40-510 mm
Power supply 230V - 1ph (50/60) Hz
Unbalance detection time 4.7s (5 3/4 "x 14") 15 Kg
Balancing speed < 150 rpm
Balancing precision ÷ 1 g
Net weight with guard 92 kg
Max overall dimensions 1350 x 1150 x 1280÷1540 mm