Giuliano Work Different!

Par-Move, a new working concept based on articulated parallelogram operating arm, presented at Autopromotec 2017 in May, immediately aroused great interest of experts and engineers for its innovative and user-friendly features.
Watch our new video to find out more about PAR-MOVE Concept and discover other great features, making the whole PAR-MOVE Concept Series Giuliano's real best seller on international markets.
All working advantages and key features, mostly patented, are shown in our demo-video:

  • Par-Move Concept: A new working concept being the distinctive feature of the entire PAR-MOVE series. Reinforced chassis and new robust fixed vertical tower with innovative parallelogram operating arm grant much higher rigidity than in any conventional tilt back model. The new design makes the new machines extremely robust and stiff, granting increased rigidity and eliminating all flexes.
  • Space Saver: Thanks to articulated parallelogram movement of the operating arm, the new Giuliano machines do not require any additional rear and side space, as with conventional tilt back models, and can be installed in a working space perfectly fitting their actual overall dimensions.
  • POWER X (available on SX Series only) is GIULIANO patented 4 cylinders clamping turntable; grants double clamping power on jaws, and an almost endless durability and reliability of your turntable!!!
  • Lever-No Lever technology: is the only system that combines the advantages of “leverless” device to those of a standard mount/demount tool. Basically, you have two tyre changers in one: leverless and traditional !
  • Smart Lock (available on S121, S122 only): ultra-quick wheel clamping system (the fastest wheel clamping system in the world !!). Thanks to the “expanding nut” you just need a 90° movement on the knob after sliding the shaft into the center hole, to have a complete, safe and reliable wheel clamping on your spindle chuck, with no need of tricky hooking.
  • Center Driven Concept (available on S121, S122 only): Bead breaker disks are slightly but purposely misaligned with the rim center for a better and faster penetration and immediate bead loosening.
  • BP1 Plus: pneumatic bead pressing arm makes mounting/demounting operations on the second bead of ultra-low profile tyres much easier. As a plus, it automatically returns to its rest position at the end of the procedure, with no need for the operator to change his working position.
  • Smart Blade System (available on SX120 Series and S122 only) memorizes bead breaker travel, so that both starting and finishing position of bead breaker can be pre-set. Thanks to SBS, it is possible to loosen the bead of a whole set of 4 tyres, while operator won’t have to use hands to help bead breaker arm or blade.

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