New Giuliano PAR-MOVE Concept demo-videos
New Giuliano PAR-MOVE Concept demo-videos

We are pleased to announce that the new Giuliano demo-videos, featuring our new innovative PAR-MOVE Concept machines (SX120 Pro Duo, SX120 Pro Duo LNL, S121, S122 models), are available for view both on our website (clicking on “PRODUCTS” section) and on official Giuliano YouTube channel.

We are always looking forward to supporting our distributors and training them to make the best use of our technologies.

Our demo-videos show all procedures, which were purposely slowed down to give an insight into the workings of the machine, so as to enable the user to take advantage of our unique technology solutions.

Our devices shown in the new videos allow multiple options in both mount/demount and bead-breaking operations (traditional vs. non-conventional), so that the tyre service operator can decide which is his most effortless way to operate on specific tyre applications: tyre changer will adapt to meet your operational requirements.

This operational versatility is the key feature of our new PAR-MOVE Concept Series, designed according to new SAFAST concept (Safe on Wheel, Fast on Work), to make everyday’s tyre service business faster, safer and more reliable.